Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Three Random Thoughts Should Be Enough

Three totally random snippets to start off the day:


It was a sad, sad day at our house yesterday when I had to trash my favorite pair of pajama pants. I've loved them for a long, long time, but they were literally falling apart at the seams. Boo on this.


So, yesterday I was talking to the fabulous Kara Leigh. Here's how that went:

Me: So, my mom got me some new Converse tennis shoes this weekend, low tops. And I picked kelly green, because since it doesn't technically match anything, it therefore matches everything.

Kara: Who are you trying to kid? You picked green because it's your favorite.

Don't you love those friends who see straight through you????


This is so what I wish I was eating for breakfast today. Just sayin'.

4. I know I said just three....forgive me.

This is just about the only thing that can put me in a good mood this morning after I got no sleep whatsoever last night due to a teething baby and the worst cough of my adult life. I just so feel like this is my life sometimes. You can relate? Good. Let's be friends.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

My Comfort "Food"

The holidays can be a stressful time. It's a proven fact.
So you know how most girls eat when they are stressed?
Not I, bloggers, not I. Instead of eating my worries away, I watch.
And watch. And watch some more.....movies, that is.

Here are my go-to fix-alls:

*Catch and Release
*The Family Stone
*50 First Dates
*A Lot Like Love
*The Goonies

Not only have I watched each of them so many times that I know every. single. word., but I also have several of these on my I-pod. Obsess much? That would be a for sure.

And, in the event that the movies don't help (which is rare, but has been known to happen a time or two), there's always this little face:

Here's hoping your holidays are stress free.

Oh, and I hear entering giveaways can help with stress as well, and I sure do like to help when I can.
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Happy Monday, folks.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I've NEVER had a date quite like this

Last night was the wedding we've been waiting for for months.
And I had a hot date....with my six-year-old.
To be honest, I've never had a date quite like this one.
First of all, I was taller than my date. Now I've been on quite a few dates in my little life, and NEVER have I been taller than my date....not that I'm against it, but you don't find many boys under five feet tall.

Then, during the ceremony, she asked me fifteen times when they were gonna kiss. I counted. Fifteen times. Yeah, that's not normal.

Then we headed to the reception, which my date kept referring to as 'the funeral'. Again, never before, folks.

Well, at the reception, my date had all the attention...seriously. And she out-talked me. And I talk....a lot. There's no denying it, and I'm totally ok with it. I talk....but she talks more.

But she sure was cute.......

....and I'm definitely gonna keep her.

Even if she did keep trying to steal my coke and tell me over and over how she wanted to eat the lemons used in the centerpiece. Yeah, that's never happened to me on a date before either.

Oh, and the bride has AMAZING taste...she used windows to decorate. And I loved it.

But when I told my date, she said I was being ridiculous. Ummmm....not such normal date behavior.

And, my date danced with the groom.

And she gave the bride some serious competition, considering he asked if her could keep her. I said no. That's my date.

And, for the first time in my dating history, my date out-danced me.

I am one dancing kid. Seriously, it's in my top ten favorite things to do. And I've NEVER been out-danced by my date...until now.

Although, I'm not complaining. While she was dancing, I got to hang out with some dear friends and enjoy.
And it was QUITE entertaining....my kid's got mad dance skills...and moves I can pretty much guarantee you've never seen.....

So, as dates go, I'd say last night was a pretty good one...
if she asks, they'll for sure be another.

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Simply Stylish Designs Giveaway: November 28- December 3

Happy Sunday, bloggers.
Want to know what I love to do on Sundays????
Well, that's easy; I like to offer super cute giveaways. You know, the kind where I introduce you to an Etsy shop, offer my opinion of their goodies, and then one of you gets a special surprise. Yup, that's the kind.

So, in true tradition:

Bloggers, I'd like you to meet Simply Stylish Designs.

This artist offers the cutest goods....and I'm thinking they'd be fabulous Christmas presents. Agree???

Just look at this precious table runner:

Love it, love it, love it.

I also love these coffee drink sleeves.

I'm thinking one of these with a Starbucks gift card would be a perfect teacher gift...and that comes straight from the teacher's mouth. Too bad I don't have any students this year.....

She also has the most adorable little wristlets....perfect for a cell phone, lipstick, and a debit card.
And I LOVE her fabric options...so simply and classy.

Well, my favorite thing in her shop happens to be these medium tote bags...perfect for the library, a play date, ummmmm....anything. They are so cute and so functional.

My personal favorite:

And I love this one-- it's so seasonal:

Well, the shop owner would like to offer one of her medium totes (the $15 ones) to one of you. The best part??? The winner gets to CHOOSE which one she gets! I love the giveaways where the winner gets a choice, and I'm thinking you probably do too.

So, you want to know how to win, right?


Visit Simply Stylish Designs on Etsy, browse around, then come back and leave a comment with the name of the medium tote you'll choose if you win.


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Happy Sunday, happy commenting, and happy nap-taking. You ARE planning on a nap today, right???

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wall Bling Giveaway: November 26- December 1

While everyone is thinking of presents and whatnot, here's a great idea for you to add to your list....

how about a custom sign from Wall Bling???

In case no one has told you yet, Subway Art is where it's at....and it doesn't get much cuter than this.

This one so speaks to my coffee loving heart:

And I'm thinking this one is my favorite:

Or maybe this one:

And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how you can have the owner create a custom one just for you. I'm thinking this is at the top of possible romantic, sentamental gifts. Wouldn't this be great for a mom and the births of her babies? Or a grandmother? Or newlyweds?

Well, the shop owner has graciously agreed to give one of these to one of you!
It's called "I Learned It In Kindergarten"....and I want it. But, I'm in the giving mood, so I will be helping her to give it to one of YOU!

Here is what you will win:

You love it, don't you????
I knew you would.

Here's how you can enter:


Visit Wall Bling on Etsy. Look around at all of her ADORABLE items. Then come back here and leave a comment telling me which one if your very favorite. And good luck--- it's not gonna be an easy choice.


* Heart her Etsy shop via your Etsy account and leave a comment telling me you did this.
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*Tell me one thing you didn't learn in kindergarten that you so wish you had.

The winner will be chosen via random.org and announced first thing the morning of December 2.
 Good luck and happy commenting.

WINNER and Talking Turkey

First, CONGRATS to Comment 16, THE GEORGES, on winning the keyfob giveaway! Contact me so I can get you in touch with the shop owner. And if you didn't win and would like to purchase one, please do so-- the shop owner is so sweet, and they are so CUTE!

Ok, so now for the Thanksgiving recap (the short and sweet version):

There was eating.
There was more eating.
There was more eating after that.
There was napping.

There was playing at the park.

There were goofy, gap-toothed grins.

There were monkey bars.

There was hanging upside down.

There was movie going.

There were new shoes for Mom.

And there was family time.


Friday, November 26, 2010

Flashback Friday

Well, we survived. Two babies and our first Thanksgiving was quite the success.
I will upload pics tonight, but for now, I leave with you with THIS Friday flashback:

I know my face is funny, but please also notice the condition of my tire. The only word that comes to mind when I see this picture is shredded. Lovely. What makes this story even 'better' is that it was about a hundred degrees, and I had a fancy schmancy birthday cake in my front seat...melting. Fabulous, fabulous day, folks.

So, today we're off on an adventure: me, the Lib, and mi madre.
It's bound to be fun, and there will be Starbucks, so I'm excited already.

Oh, and in all your mad black Friday rushing and whatnot, how's about you find a minute to enter my giveaway? It ends tonight at midnight.....and it sure is cute.
You can enter here.
And another one is starting very, very soon-- I still have several more until Christmas.
And, I'm starting to fill my January and February spots-- if you have a business or item you'd like to offer, let me know.
Happy Black Friday to you, and you, and you!