Thursday, November 4, 2010

Christmas cards, anyone?

Can you believe Christmas will be here before we know it??? I sure can't. Want to know one of my very favorite things about Christmas????? CHRISTMAS CARDS! I LOVE them and literally run to the mail box every day during the holiday season like a five-year-old to check for new ones.
 And I run shamelessly...and sometimes in my jammies.

I've got several ideas for cards this year, but I wanted to talk to you today about Shutterfly. Have you ever looked at their photo hosting and ordering site? They have great prices and GREAT products.  I am especially impressed with their vast selection of Christmas cards.

Here are a few of my personal favorites:

Though it's really tough to choose, this one might be my favorite...I love how it's more picture, less message. It's just so simple and clean, and the print at the bottom screams classy to me.

I also love how many of their options actually say MERRY CHRISTMAS, a statement we include on our cards every year. However, they also offer a ton of options for Happy Holidays, if that's your pick.

I love how simple this one is:

Think I could pull off these pose with Libby and Hollyn this year????

And I love how this next one lets you share lots of moments from you year with friends and family:

I love the fun colors on this next one:

And I love this idea of how to make your card more personal:

They also offer a great selection of folded cards and standard photo Christmas cards. I love that they offer so many options, so any and everyone can find just what they are looking for in a holiday card.

BUT, did you know that cards aren't the only things they offer for the holiday season?
Check out their adorable custom gift tags.

I love how they offer a variety of traditional and non-traditional options.

Plan on hosting a holiday party this year?????
Take a peek at their awesome selection of holiday party invitations.

Aren't they adorable??? Feel free to include me on your guest list.

So, you know I'm gonna ask--- which of their holiday products is YOUR favorite?????

*** Oh, and just so you know, this post (as well as all of my others) offers MY OWN PERSONAL OPINIONS of these products. Oh, how I wish I got paid to represent companies and their products. Maybe one day. But for now, this is just me being honest with you.***


  1. My friend just ordered hers and they are super lovely. Since I am photographer--I am super picky about the photo cards, and these are really cute!

  2. I did my post today, too! ;) Not near as lovely as yours tho! But I was swampped at work, again. Boo.

  3. I am with you on the Christmas cards! I loooooove giving and getting them. I try to whittle my list down every year, but it just doesn't happen. I also wanted to share a link to some cards that support a great cause. My friend's daughter has stage 4 neuroblastoma, and the proceeds from these cards goes directly to NB research. :-)


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