Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The good, the bad, and the ugly

Today I attempted the impossible: to get a good Christmas card picture with not one but two children. Trust me, it's not nearly as easy as it may sound. So, my friend Lenzie (whom I owe dearly) and I headed out, loaded with not one but two cameras. Three hundred and twelve shots later (yes, I'm serious. I couldn't make this stuff up if wanted to, people.), I think I have the one I want. However, I also have 311 shots that I will NOT be using for my Christmas card this year.
Here are a few that I couldn't help but share (some even come with titles, so try to contain yourselves):

LOVE this one.. it made the top three:

This one I call "Our One and a Half Children":

Love this one too....too bad you can't see the Libster:

Another of the top three:

This one makes me giggle:

And I could use this one, except everyone would think I'd gone a wee bit mental:

But not as mental as if I used what I like to call "We don't want no girl scout cookies":

It's hard to believe this is the same baby:

And this one I call "I Got Boogies, How Bout You?":

Oh, and don't forget the classic "I Hit My Sister in the Face":

Another one I love:

Seriously, I wonder what my grandmother would say if she opened the envelope from us and saw this:

Here we were going for the windblown look:

Hope you enjoy our Christmas card pick special.
Even more than that, I hope you enjoy your turkey day tomorrow.
This will be our first one with two kiddos...wish us luck.


  1. OK so i love the one where they're standing up, Libby's holding Hollyn's arms, and they're looking at each other and smiling... Cute :)

  2. Love the idea to have them holding hands like that.
    I know what you mean about the challenge of a christmas picture!

  3. Oh your girls are just ADORABLE!!


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