Saturday, November 6, 2010

Caught Red Handed

My little Hollyn is so silly....and sneaky. Seriously, if I turn my back for two seconds....or sneeze...or blink, she's off like lightening, and I'm racing to keep up with her.
Good thing I know where she's headed.

There's an antique piece of furniture in our office/supposed to be dining room where we keep all of our office supplies and whatnot, and SHE LOVES IT.

She heads straight for it to check it out.....

....and probably dreams of organizing it someday and playing school, because, after all, she is half mine.

And while I'm sure I should discourage her from these adventures, those baby blues get me every time.

Don't judge--- they seriously melt your heart.... you'd let her dig in your office supplies too.
 It's pretty much a for-sure.

Off to take a nap thanks to the amazing Mr. Lee who took the girls to his parents' house today and left me here to buy a birthday present, make dinner for one, and take a nap.
Oh, how I love him.

Speaking of love.....
have you checked out my three giveaways?????
I'm thinking you should do it.....
they are pretty loveable.
You can find them here, here, and here.
Remember-- you can enter them all and win them all if random. org happens to select your comment number.
And if you have a real fireplace with logs and flames and the works,
please light it up and enjoy it for me this weekend.
I'll sit here staring at my electric wishing it was something it's never going to be...
that is, as soon as I wake up from my nap.

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  1. She does have adorable blue eyes!! :) Sounds like you are in for a wonderful day! Enjoy!


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