Monday, November 15, 2010

Oh, to be 22 Again

This is thirty (almost thirty-one, but we won't go there just yet).

However, this is the me I felt like this past weekend....

the one who was twenty-two once.

I can't put into words how much I love going home I mean back to my college...for a once a year gathering of some of my favorite people ever.

Like the infamous Megan T. whom I got to see for about 2.5 seconds.

And while I was there SHE got to see MY Eric Church....

He's sending me his love in this pic, can't you tell????

And then there was this girl.....

...the one who has seen me at my worst and knows all my secrets and somehow still loves me anyway.

And I got to spend some time in the presence of some of the greatest women I've ever had the joy of knowing.

Can I just say that is SO PAST TIME to cut my hair? Ugh.

Oh, and I got to be so very proud of the little sis....
ok, so maybe she's not really my little sister.
But I promise I couldn't love her more even if she was.

And I got to rub on this beautiful pregnant belly.

Speaking of pregnant, best wishes the the bestie today, who at the very moment is smack dab in the middle of birthing baby #2.

 And now, a letter to me, age twenty-two:


This year is gonna be HUGE for you, little girl. You are grow up more this year than any other. That HUGE break-up you're stressing about? Stop. It's one of the BEST things that will EVER happen to you. Move on quickly , find your smile, and wear the heck out of it. Oh, and your bikini--wear that too. A lot. That twenty-two year old body, yeah it's about to be MIA once you have babies. Six years later you're  still not sure if it's even gonna come back, but you haven't given up hope just yet.

You will meet some fabulous people this in particular will become one of the closest friends you'll ever know. Rebecca will encourage you and support you-- treasure her dearly and spend as much time with her as possible. Oh, and get her to teach you how to play the guitar while you have the chance because you won't always be neighbors.

There will be several boys this year. One in particular will rock your heart and change you forever. He'll teach you to love in a whole new way, make you comfortable in your skin, and will show you a side of yourself that you will love. Be good to him. And when it comes time to break up, do it in person and not over the phone. Trust me on this one.

That waitress job you're not so sure you love? You do. You'll love it, and some days later when you're teaching, you'll find yourself missing it. Enjoy the days when work consists of smiling, looking cute, and saying, "Can I get you some more tea?". It's NEVER gonna be that easy or fun again.

Those girls you call your sisters--- spend every waking moment with them. Laugh out loud and enjoy your time together. And that night when you up and decide that the beach is the only thing that will make you feel better-- go. Even if you don't leave until the middle of the night and have to be back the next day for work, still go. You'll have fun...oh, but it's probably best NOT to video it.

Classes? Yeah, they'll be there too, but no worries-- you'll get a 4.0 this year. And don't you DARE say you're ready to graduate. You are so not ready. Don't wish it away or rush it.

Oh, and that night at the fair--- be more aggressive.

And one more thing--- stop leaving the windows down on your Explorer, otherwise you're likely to find a dead bird in there one day.

Love you big,
The All Grown Up and Sometimes Wishing She Was Still Twenty-Two You


  1. I remember that little cabin house :) oh memories! You still look the same girlie! love you. call me. lots to catch up on. hollyn looks just like you!

  2. I love this. I don't know if I could write a letter to myself at 22, it might be too depressing to reflect;)

  3. love the letter to your younger self. you have a great memory... the college years are all a big blur to me. haha.

  4. I remember being 22, and I remember not being a very smart 22 year old. College was great, but glad all that is behind me now! Love the letter!


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