Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WINNER, Music to My Little Ears, and Wordless Wednesday

First, congrats to KRISTEN, comment #2, on winning the Malisay Designs Giveaway! :) Apparently was in a single digit kind of mood this morning.
Don't forget the Little Bow Teek giveaway ends on Thursday, so if you're planning on entering, please do that soon. :)
Moving on now.

I could literally listen to Hollyn laugh all day, every day.
Ok, well I guess it would be ok if she should pause to sleep...and eat....and whatnot.
But seriously, I think it's my very favorite sound.

So, you know I'm gonna ask...what is YOUR favorite sound????
What makes that little heart of your smile the way her little laugh makes mine?
Seriously...I'm curious. :)

And before I go, here's my pic. for Wordless Wednesday, which I'm hoping will make you certainly had that effect on me.

Wordish Wednesday


  1. Congrats Kristen!
    My favorite sounds are:
    - infants cooing
    - giggles and laughs from kids and babies
    - conversations between preschoolers

  2. Hey!
    I absolutely adored todays blog entry.

  3. My favorites:
    Caroline laughing :-)
    Caroline "talking", especially when she says "Mama"
    Ocean waves
    Early summer nights in the country

  4. Thank you for your support in voting!! Keep 'em coming:). PS - your family is just precious.


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