Sunday, November 28, 2010

I've NEVER had a date quite like this

Last night was the wedding we've been waiting for for months.
And I had a hot date....with my six-year-old.
To be honest, I've never had a date quite like this one.
First of all, I was taller than my date. Now I've been on quite a few dates in my little life, and NEVER have I been taller than my date....not that I'm against it, but you don't find many boys under five feet tall.

Then, during the ceremony, she asked me fifteen times when they were gonna kiss. I counted. Fifteen times. Yeah, that's not normal.

Then we headed to the reception, which my date kept referring to as 'the funeral'. Again, never before, folks.

Well, at the reception, my date had all the attention...seriously. And she out-talked me. And I talk....a lot. There's no denying it, and I'm totally ok with it. I talk....but she talks more.

But she sure was cute.......

....and I'm definitely gonna keep her.

Even if she did keep trying to steal my coke and tell me over and over how she wanted to eat the lemons used in the centerpiece. Yeah, that's never happened to me on a date before either.

Oh, and the bride has AMAZING taste...she used windows to decorate. And I loved it.

But when I told my date, she said I was being ridiculous. Ummmm....not such normal date behavior.

And, my date danced with the groom.

And she gave the bride some serious competition, considering he asked if her could keep her. I said no. That's my date.

And, for the first time in my dating history, my date out-danced me.

I am one dancing kid. Seriously, it's in my top ten favorite things to do. And I've NEVER been out-danced by my date...until now.

Although, I'm not complaining. While she was dancing, I got to hang out with some dear friends and enjoy.
And it was QUITE kid's got mad dance skills...and moves I can pretty much guarantee you've never seen.....

So, as dates go, I'd say last night was a pretty good one...
if she asks, they'll for sure be another.

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  1. Hey, can you email me where you bought the ring to do the bride's blessing ring??? I tried to email you through your "contact me" email a couple days ago! ;)

    Thanks McCall!


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