Monday, November 8, 2010

North American Bear Co.- Get Ready to Fall in LOVE

About a week ago, I got an e-mail from North American Bear Company asking me if I would be willing to write a product review. Free goodies for my girls? Ummmm, yes please. However, I've never done a product review like to this, and to be honest, I wasn't sure I'd like their products.
This poses a problem because:

1. I REFUSE to lie to my readers regardless of how many complimentary goodies are sent my way...
2. Having never seen their products, what if I honestly just didn't love them? I would feel horribly guilty for accepting them and that would be just plain ole' awkward.
Well, the products are here, and let me just say that I worried in vain, my friends. North American Bear Company-- I am your newest fan.

I was thrilled when this box arrived in the mail just DAYS after accepting their offer.

And Hollyn and I could not WAIT to bust into the box.

NOTE: I am hoping to use some of these goodies as Christmas presents. And while Hollyn will forget she ever saw them (or at least refrain from telling Libby), the Libster never forgets ANYTHING! Therefore, she can't see them yet.
 I hadn't planned on using them as Christmas presents when I said yes, but after seeing them, I have no choice but to store them away until  next month unless I want them to overshadow Christmas. They are just THAT adorable.

First out of the box:

Bloggers, meet Rosy Cheeks, one of the Big Sister dolls offered by North American Bear Company.
You can find her here. She comes in blonde, red head, brunette, and ballerina. They sent us the denim option with dark brown hair so that she'll look like Libby. And let me just say that Libby is going to LOVE her!

Hollyn certainly did.

I love that her clothes and shoes come off (they sell outfits for her as well), and that underneath it all she is wearing modest white panties. Modesty is greatly appreciated in our house, especially when it comes to dolls for my girls.

I love her sweet little face, and she is VERY well made. LOVE her.

Next out of the box was something for Hollyn:

Bloggers, meet the Little Princess Doll, Brunette.

She is so very soft, and I love her little crown.

But my favorite thing about her has to be her hair. It is so adorable!

Next out of the box is something else for the Libster:

I've been wanting to get one of these for Libby, and am so glad they sent her one!

I love her little buns. So, so cute!

And she has a little bag where you can put your tooth for the tooth fairy.

Also, be sure to check out their site...they have so many options for tooth fairy dolls, including pirates, baseball players, super heroes, etc.

Next out of the box:

Bloggers, meet Oatmeal.

He's for Hollyn, and when I say he's the softest teddy bear I have ever felt, I tell no lies.
 And he squeaks, too!

I love the idea of Hollyn having a classic teddy to cuddle and love.

Oh, and we're not done yet.
There's one more item....and I have to tell you that it's the item I was most excited about....

It's for Hollyn....

....And I was so hoping they'd send us one of these.....

It's a CAT!
 This was at the top of my list of things to get her for Christmas this year.
 She NEEDED in had to have it.

And this one made of fleece did NOT disappoint.... in fact, she is purrrrfect.
(Ok, I was just too easy to resist.)

I seriously think Hollyn is in love with her. She's so soft and cuddly and the perfect size. I can so see Hollyn bringing her to slumber parties one day. Can I just say I was overjoyed when I saw her in the box.....because I was.

Needless to say, I have found a new company that I just love.
 I seriously wish they carried doll houses, which is what the Libster has asked for for Christmas.
They DON'T have doll houses, but they DO have a TON of super cute items.

Here are a few of my favorites that DID NOT come in the box that was delivered to my house on Friday:

Not only are their prices MORE than reasonable (Hollyn's cat-- yeah, he's $12), but I LOVE their options! Literally, they offer something for everyone. I love how they offer both classic and more modern options and how they have traditional toys as well as some newer, more trendy versions. I also love how you can find almost anything-- have a little one who loves dinosaurs? No problem. Need something for a baseball lover or a little one who likes Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz? They have you covered.

I HIGHLY recommend that you check out their website....who knows-- maybe Santa will see something he (or she) thinks the little ones will just love.

Thanks again, North American Bear Company!

Oh, and while you're here-- have you entered my giveaways? I'm thinkin' you might oughta do that.


  1. Those are absolutely adorable- how fun!!

  2. My parents got my daughter the Little Princess Doll (Brunette) for her first christmas last year and we LOVE it. We sent it back and forth to daycare because it would help calm her when I could not be with her. She's adorable and very well made.
    Love this company!

  3. Holy snap is Hollyn precious pulling stuff out of the box!?! Eek! I love her!


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