Friday, November 19, 2010

UPDATE and Hazel Martin Designs Giveaway: November 19-26

We are hard at work with our craft adventure.

Here's a sneak peek at all we're hoping to accomplish:

If we can pull it all off by Sunday it will nothing short of amazing, considering we're juggling four kiddos while trying to make magical craftiness happen.

Seriously, it looks like the craft fairy came to my house........

....and threw up all over my kitchen table.
Don't judge. It'll all be picked up before bedtime.

OK, so while we're breaking a sweat in the name of cuteness, how about a super cute giveaway????

Check out what I got in the mail recently:

Isn't this ADORABLE???????

I've been eyeing these FOR.EV.ER on Etsy. I just think they are so stinkin' cute!
And I love that I also happened to need a new key chain.
Perfect timing.

Anyway, it came from here:

Seriously, this artist is so talented. As someone who paints, let me just say that I am in awe of what an amazing, detailed job she does-- especially on something so tiny!

I got to choose the color, the polka dot color, and the hair styles and colors for each of my girls.

I love how she works to make your design match your kiddos as closely as possible.
Wouldn't this be a great gift for a grandmother?????

I love the boy version as well.

And I'm a sucker for anything cupcake:

She also offers some of the CUTEST Christmas ornaments I have ever seen.

LOVE this one for a teacher.

I would love to have one of these for every member of our family:

Cute stuff, right?
You love it, right?
At this very moment you're getting ready to stalk her Etsy shop, right?
Well, before you go, how's about entering to win one of these:

That's right. The artist is giving away a keyfob of your choice-- that means boy or girl, featuring the little
 love(s) in your life. Wouldn't this be perfect for Christmas? Or, you could always be like me and hoard the goodness for yourself. Either way, I'm thinking you should enter to win.

Here's how:


Visit Hazel Martin Designs on Etsy. Come back and tell me what your favorite thing is in or about her shop.


*Heart Hazel Martin Designs via your Etsy shop and leave a comment telling me you did.
*Order something from her shop and leave a comment telling me what you got.
*Follow my blog or remind me that you already do. Leave a comment either way.
*Follow me on Twitter (there's a button on the side of my blog by the followers) and leave a comment telling me you did this.
*Tell me something to make me's been a long day, and I feel a cold coming on....smiles are in short supply today, despite all the good visiting and fun crafting.

The winner will be selected using on the morning of November 27th.
Happy weekend to you and you and you; I've gotta get back to the crafting.
The posting may now commence.


  1. favorite really is the key chain and I LOVE that she can do a boy key chain

  2. I follow your you read mine?

  3. can I make you about I think you are an inspiration to grow and cut your hair for those in generous. Have fun this weekend with your pledge sister (I know who it is...I facebook stalk). LOVE YA!

  4. i love all of her stuff! seriously those keychains are PRECIOUS!

  5. I love the key fobs with the kiddos on it!

  6. Caroline took a mini step all by herself today! :-) I'm not counting it as the "official" one, but it's getting really close!!

  7. i love, love, love the hand painted key fobs!!! How perfect to be able to take a little piece of your babies with you everywhere you go!!! So Great!!!

  8. Something to make you smile...i love your blog and your creativity has become an inspiration for me to be more crafty with my kiddos!!! Thanks so much for your blog!!!

  9. also just became a follower of your blog!!!

  10. I would love to have one of those key fobs with my kids on it! Beautiful ornaments too.

  11. I hearted Hazel Martin Designs.

  12. My 4 1/2 yr old son wanted to style his hair and he asked me where my Cow Spray was. My what? Then I made the connection - he was looking for my mousse!!!

  13. I SuPeR L-O-V-E those handpainted ornaments!!! As you know, I'm a sucker for anything that resembles my precious kiddos!

  14. I love the ornaments with the kiddo pics!

  15. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog, so of course I'm a follower...

  16. I added her shop to my etsy favorites

  17. and I LOVE the key fobs...I WILL be buying one of those for sure!

  18. I also follow you on Twitter, just saying. ;)

  19. and in the intrest of making you smile (although the following is the God honest truth)...I am REALLY impressed with the young woman you have become. I know it hasn't been all 'sunshine and cotton candy' but you have certiantly made limoncello out of your lemons. Proud to count you among my friends. <3 u!

  20. I LOVE the gingerbread man ornament!


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