Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Christmas List via Etsy

It's that time again. Time to pick out not only what I'll give, but what I'll (hopefully) get. Seriously, I think I may be the easiest person ever to buy for....I love handmade, simple, and fun. I'd take something original and thoughtful over something expensive and popular any day of the week.

Here are some things I'm loving this holiday season, all of which I found on Etsy:

LOVE this Africa shirt. The proceeds go to help a family with their adoption. And yes, as a matter of fact, I DO need another t-shirt.
You can find one here.

In case you haven't been over for coffee, my whole house carries a Christian theme.
There are crosses and little churches tucked away in every room, on every shelf, and variously covering my walls. Hence, I need this print. I think it is just so sweet.
And I found it here.

Yes, I cut my own vinyl.
However, there are limits to what I can make for myself.
Thus, I need to purchase and not make this chalk board frame that I found here.  

Love this. I think it is so fun and would be so cute in my office. You can order yours here.

Just a thought-- do I need business cards for my blog? I know all the big names do this, but I am really big enough to warrant that yet? My opinion: you dress for the job you want, not the job you have, right? And they sure would be cuter than me scribbling my blog address on a gum wrapper, which I did the other day. Hmmmm......well, should I decide to take the business card plunge, I think I'll start here.

Oh, how I love this little ring. Favorite part?
The proceeds go to Africa. Be still my heart. You can order yours here.

 It's no secret I LOVE coffee. And I always need a place to put my cup....and my soup bowl.... Problem solved via a mug rug. You can choose your own colors, although I happen to love the ones shown here.
You can find one here.

The I-pod needs a new home.
 You know, a place for it to safely rest while residing in my glove box or purse....I adore this one that I found here. Favorite part? Well, that would be the little message on the front. So cute. So simply. So need one.

And you KNOW I'm gonna ask--- what are YOU hoping to unwrap on Christmas morning??? I'd love to see links to your favorite Etsy shops or items in my comments......

AND--- I still have four giveaways up and going strong. Have you entered them yet? If not, I'll make it easy for you:

Oh, and make plans to come back soon---- I'll be posting Libby's reading fair project just as soon as I can tonight...I can't wait to see how it went today! Thanks to all who have asked!


  1. What a lovely blog! Thanks so much for including my "All the cool people blog" print.

    Gretchin @ iShootNouns (Etsy)

  2. Thanks SO much for featuring my mug rug. I hope you get one for Christmas :-)

    I love your list! So many fabulous items!

  3. Love your blog! I couldn't resist but follow you! Thank you so much for including my iPod cover on your christmas list!


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