Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gag Gift Redo

I have a group of kiddos who think it is just THE FUNNIEST THING EVER to give me gifts that I can't use and really don't want. I think they do it to see the look on my face while they pretend to be serious gift-givers. Anyway, two years ago, thanks to these kiddos, I became the owner of this:

Nice, right?
That's really velvet, folks.
Be jealous.

Unfortunately, despite how much I just *ahem* love this little number, it didn't really match my home decor.
So, with a little paint and some hot glue, I transformed it into this:

Hollyn has so many bows that I forget what all she has. Terrible and gluttonous, I know.
But hopefully this will help me to remember what we have so that we can get more use out of them.

It has found a nice, new home on top of the dresser in her closet.

Good-bye, tacky velvet; hello, super cute bow holder.

Speaking of bows, have you entered to win the super cute hair clip from Little Bow Teek???
I'm thinking you should do that.

And don't forget-- the $35 gift card  giveaway from Malisay Designs ends tonight at midnight, so get those entries in quick, mkay?

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  1. Very creative. Nice save for that very special velvet piece of art ;)
    Coming over from Craft-o-Maniac. Come check out LBT when you get a chance. Thx!

  2. How do you think of these things?! So creative and useful. Love it.

  3. ........um hm. real nice. thanks for appreciating the best gift ever....not.


  4. That is adorable! I love little girls bows (and cute ways to display them)! Thanks for commenting on my Giving Tree. :)


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