Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Three Random Thoughts Should Be Enough

Three totally random snippets to start off the day:


It was a sad, sad day at our house yesterday when I had to trash my favorite pair of pajama pants. I've loved them for a long, long time, but they were literally falling apart at the seams. Boo on this.


So, yesterday I was talking to the fabulous Kara Leigh. Here's how that went:

Me: So, my mom got me some new Converse tennis shoes this weekend, low tops. And I picked kelly green, because since it doesn't technically match anything, it therefore matches everything.

Kara: Who are you trying to kid? You picked green because it's your favorite.

Don't you love those friends who see straight through you????


This is so what I wish I was eating for breakfast today. Just sayin'.

4. I know I said just three....forgive me.

This is just about the only thing that can put me in a good mood this morning after I got no sleep whatsoever last night due to a teething baby and the worst cough of my adult life. I just so feel like this is my life sometimes. You can relate? Good. Let's be friends.

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1 comment:

  1. Bummer! I hate having tho throw away favorite things.

    Maybe the shoes will make up for the pants. I hope so.


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