Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday and a WINNER

I love starting my days off by making someone that I mean, by giving away the goodies. Today's goody is from The Painting Diva (super cute, give her a looksie), and the winner is COMMENT #9,  MAGGIE! Ya'll take a look at Maggie-- isn't she adorable???!!!!

And I happen to know that my wordless Wednesday posts are her favorite, so here you go Maggie:

Want to check out some other Wordless Wednesdays? If so, then you should check this out.

Oh, and I have another giveaway ending tomorrow. You can enter right here.

And, get excited. One of my former pledge sisters is coming to visit this weekend and there will be some serious crafting going on here, folks. That means that lots of cute posts will be coming your way. So come back soon, mkay?

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