Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010: The Faves

It's no secret that the end of the year is approaching at light speed. And I've spent a little time this past week thinking about the ways little blog o' mine has grown throughout these last twelve months, as seeing as how this time last year I had less than twenty followers, I'd say she's grown quite a bit. And in case you're new around these here parts or if you just want to relive the highlights, here are what I consider to be the best of Lee, Me, and the Girls from 2010.

Rockstar by Morning
Summer's Rollin' On In
Those Dang Pinchers
The Former Me
Spending My Time
Here, Kitty Kitty
Dear McCall, age 18
Lib's Got a Little Somethin' to Tell You
Those Dang Pinchers
I Am That Mom

I would love to know which one's your favorite.....

And if you do a post on your blog with YOUR favorite posts for the year, leave a link, and I'll check it out.
And be sure to come back tomorrow....there's a big post in the works.


  1. Love the letter to young McCall. We should all do that!

  2. I like "the former me" because I can totally relate. It's tough becoming mature...XOXO Have a wonderful new year!

  3. Happy New Year A family! Hope it brings you all the best! Love Ya! BJ


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