Friday, December 17, 2010

Poster Pop Giveaway: December 17-21

It's finally here: my last giveaway of 2010.
 And it's a good one.
I'm super excited and overly jealous of the soon-to-be winner.

Bloggers, meet Poster Pop.

This super cute Etsy shop offers the CUTEST prints of the Keep Calm and Carry On variety
......and I love them.

What I love about this shop is that they literally offer something for everyone.
For example, they offer this for those of you who are like me:

AND, once you select your design, you can also choose your color. How cool is that?!?

They also offer a variety of sizes, so your piece can be in a little frame by your bed or a centerpiece above your mantel.

Love the variety. Love the flexibility. Love the coolness that is Poster Pop.

Well, the owner of Poster Pop would like to offer ANY one 8X10 print in her shop
in any color to one of you!
Are you excited yet?
Thought so.

So, here's how you can enter to win:


Visit Poster Pop. Look around, gawk at the cuteness, and then come back here and leave a comment telling me which print you'll choose if you win.

(Please be sure to leave a separate comment for every thing you do.)

*Heart Poster Pop via your Etsy account and leave a comment telling me you did this.
*Purchase something from Poster Pop and leave a comment telling me what you chose.
*Become a follower of my blog or remind me that you already are one; leave a comment either way.
*Seeing as how it's the end of the year, I'm curious: what is the title of your favorite Lee, Me, and the Girls post from 2010?

The winner will be chosen using on the morning of December 22.
Happy commenting, and here's hoping your Christmas shopping is complete;
I pity the poor soul who ventures out to brave the crowds this weekend.


  1. Love these!!! Just put in an offer on a house tonight so I am thinking the Keep Calm and Have Faith would look really great in my new office or Keep Calm and Dance would be perfect for my little ballerina...either way I don't think I could go wrong!!! So incredibly cute!!!

  2. I follow your blog under account lilcrys04!! Love it!!! Stalk you everyday!!!

  3. I liked the title "I am that mom"....that post really made me think and evaluate what kind of mom I am and what kind of mom I want to be. And I loved the guest posts that followed that!!!

  4. i would get keep calm and drink beer-my hubs would love it!

  5. added to my favorites on etsy!

  6. i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE, did i mention that i LOVE the one that says keep calm and have a cupcake??? any bright pink one would warm my heart! i am obsessed with cupcakes!!

  7. my FAVORITE Lee, Me, and the Girls are the Wordless Wednesday because by Wed. i need a pick me up and well Hollyn just does the trick!!

  8. I love the Keep Calm & Have Faith. Sometimes you just need a reminder.

  9. My Favorite item has to be
    "Keep Calm and eat a cupcake" because cupcakes are my favorite!!

  10. I am a follower of your blog!! Saying that every time makes me feel like I stalk you, which I do! :) ha

  11. I love GIVING THANKS! I'm sure why it is my favorite, but it is!

  12. I really love the Keep Calm and Have Faith one, but I also adore the Keep Calm and Crochet one because of my sweet friend Lizzie. And I think the Keep Calm and Love Puppy is so appropriate for you right now. BUT because this is Christmas break and I'm trying to do what I love the most I'd say I'd pick Keep Calm and Read On! :)

  13. I added her shop to my favorites on etsy :)

  14. I follow your blow :)

  15. I can't seem to locate it, but the post about Hollyn eating catfood is the best! I also love the one where you talk about your school kids :D

  16. I like Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake -
    I love love love Cupcakes.

  17. Love the inspiration the posters provide! I like, Keep Calm and Read On. And I've picked out about 4 others that I can give as gifts to others too.

  18. One of my favorite posts:
    Good Reads for Little Readers.

  19. I added her shop to my favorites on etsy!!!

  20. I think I would have to go with Keep Calm/Play Tennis! I love to have little subtle hints of tennis in my house.

  21. Fav blog title is Not So Miami Vice...he he!


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