Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer's rollin' on in

Oh, summer. I am so in love with you. Just knowing you're here makes my heart smile. However, the fact that we're already two weeks in seems crazy to me. Nevertheless, it's been a good two weeks. There's been lots of this going on at our house as of late:

Despite the fact that she drools like a Basset Hound, I am c-r-a-z-y about this kid. She's a cutie, and I swear I think she knows it. And what made her smile yesterday you ask? Oh, well that would be a surprise visit from my college friend Summers and her ADORABLE little girl, Lydia.

I love how babies are so fascinated with other babies. It's almost as if I can see her little thought bubbles saying, "Hey. You're little. I'm little. Sit, stay, and let's be little together."

As for the Lib, in addition to rocking her first tennis lesson this week, she also has discovered a new love: skating.

And I've discovered that the skating rink hasn't changed one little bit since I was a wee one. And seriously- where I can get some carpet like that? Man, that's cool. (cough, cough, wink, wink)

To never have skated before, I was super impressed with not only her skill but her willingness. She didn't hesitate one bit; she just took off and gave it her best shot.

There are many things I love about Libby, but her ability to try something new in such a fearless little way has to be one of my favorites. I love how she's not scared of failure; she just goes for it, fail or not, even if failing can result in falling.

And when she did fall, she handled it oh so well. She just stroke a Libby-like pose, got up, and kept right on trying something new.

And more times than not, she didn't fall or stumble even a little. In fact, I'd say she pretty much rocked her first skating effort.

And to top off the night, we got to hang out with good friends......

and eat good birthday party food.

Oh, and my favorite part- the cupcakes were topped with fortune cookies. Check out Lib's fortune:

Well, what a relief. Good to know that when she turns thirty, and her daddy finally accepts the fact that she's old enough to even date, that she'll be happy.

And even better, here was mine:

Score. Thanks, fortune cookie. And in that case, I'm off to attempt the following:

1. play every Jack Johnson song on my guitar
2. clean my house today and have it still look clean tomorrow
3. run two miles without wanting to keel over on the side of the road and hoping  no one notices me as I slowly die of either embarrassment or the inability to breathe, whichever comes first
4. land a book deal
5. eat all the mint Oreo's my little heart desires and still be ok with the way my post baby body looks in a swimsuit
6. spend all day reading and yet still have supper cooked and the house cleaned by the time Lee gets home from dinner

Let's see if you're up for that challenge, oh wise fortune cookie.

And, before I leave to go attempt the impossible, I just thought I'd show you what Hollyn thinks about Mom's to-attempt list:

Yeah, I know Hollyn; Mom might have lost it. Regardless, summer- week three:  bring it. We can take the heat.


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  2. I would like to join your effort in completing #5. "Please and thank you." Seriously, when are front butts going to be in vogue? because I'd totally rock the post section meat skirt look. Right, I read this at a weak moment. Pardon my self pity. Love you and your brood!!!


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