Thursday, September 2, 2010

Here Kitty Kitty

My daughter is obsessed with our cat, Sally the Camel Has Four Humps. Yes, that's her name. We've been over this already. What ELSE would you expect Libby's cat to be named? I mean seriously.

Anyway, Hollyn is a t-total cat stalker.
I swear that being able to chase the cat is what influenced her to crawl at the ripe ole' age of seven months. And mark my words, she'll be walking by nine.....because she's more likely to catch the cat on two legs than on all four.

And this morning, she took her cat fetish to a whole new level.

Exhibit A:

Mom catches daughter in the cat food. What does Mom do? Well, she runs and gets the camera. Obviously.

Exhibit B:

 Mom tries not to spit her coffee everywhere while laughing at her daughter as she tries to eat cat food.
Mom knows this is wrong and probably not the most appropriate reaction.
However, it's birthday party week and maybe Mom hasn't had quite enough sleep.
 Give Mom a break.

Exhibit C:

Mom stops laughing, realizing that cat food probably is not on the list of 'Appropriate Finger Foods for a Crawling Baby' that the pediatrician gave Mom at the last check-up. Mom removes daughter from the cat food vicinity. Mom then turns her back for 2.5 seconds to refill her coffee cup. Which leads us to our next exhibit.

Exhibit D:

Mom gives up. You like cat food? Eat the cat food. You're only young once, kid. Maybe your first word can be 'meow'. Fine by me.

*Note: No children or cats were harmed at my house this morning. After eating maybe two pieces, Hollyn realized maybe her baby food's not so bad after all....and then proceeded to chase the cat into the den. Stalking at its finest, folks.


  1. This is hilarious!!! I miss this precious little girl! Hopefully I'll be able to come see you soon (: Love you BIG!

  2. Kiddos are so funny! I am so glad you grabbed the camera! This is too precious and a great Hilarius memory...My kids have done that too...We have lots of animals...They are the best for kids.
    Your daughter is adorable...Very cute blog and i am following :)
    Come see me and do the same :)


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