Monday, December 27, 2010

Shake Like You Paid For It

I got a birthday comin' in eleven days.
 And I find that the older I get, the more I think about days gone by....anyone with me on this?

 I think about things I'm glad I did, things I wish I hadn't done, and things I wish I'd gotten a chance to do.

And as much as I love my babies and my life as a mom in suburbia, there are still a few things I can't help but miss.
One in particular calls to me in the night.

Hi, my name is McCall, and I miss dancing.

 By this I mean, I miss those nights when the girls and I would get all dolled up and head out to nowhere in particular, but you can bet that wherever we'd end up would have speakers that keep the cops in business and music so good that you can feel the beat in your sleep.

There's just something about those moments when the music is so loud that dancing is really non optional.

Had I known at twenty-one that my dancin' days were limited, I would have made sure to have more of them, and I would have blinked less, because while it feels like this picture was taken not too long ago, it was actually taken ten years ago this month.

And should the birthday fairy visit me, I know exactly what I'll ask for....

I just want just one more college night on the town with my girls.... more night with no bedtime.....

....and no automatic alarm clock....

....and no worries or stress waiting on me when I wake up.

Just one more night to shake it like I bought it....

...and I should be all set to go another ten years shake free.

So birthday fairy, I've got my dancin' shoes all dusted off and ready....
and I'll leave the light on for ya.


  1. I completely agree, McCall! Let's go dancing!

  2. Oh, it would be so much fun, but it hurts so bad the next day!!

  3. Such a cute post. Happy Birthday! 31 isn't so bad. Wait till your 35! XOXO


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