Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas: A Follow-Up Visit

The good news is we survived another Christmas.

It used to be that I believed Christmas was a world of its own,
free from drama and the troubles of every day life.
 However, now that I no longer live in La La Land, I see that that's just not the case.
There was crying; there was fit pitching; there was many a time-out; there was worst allergic reaction of my adult life and two lonely hours spent in the car while my family celebrated without me.

However, there was also this stinkin' cute baby.....

...the one who gave more hugs and kisses than one could count.

There was another Christmas spent with my precious grandmother.

There was a fun visit with my super cute nieces.

There was one happy girl with a new doll house.

There was a baby who learned how to unwrap presents.

There was time spent hanging out with her diaper out.

There were cookies baked for the Jolly Guy...and yes, he happens to love slice and bake.

There was our first Christmas Eve spent at home.... just the four of us.

There was the baby who kissed each and every one of her presents.

And there was one very happy birthday celebration.

So, even though our Christmas wasn't quite drama free, it was wonderful, and we obviously have a lot to be thankful for; here's hoping you can say the same.

Oh, and get excited-- in T-minus twenty hours, the hair is history. And it's a good thing too, because I seriously am about ready to just chop it off all by my lonesome rather than attempt to fix it even one more time. However, seeing as how I'm road-trippin' tomorrow, fix it I shall.
But come back soon; there shall be some good posts this week.
And I promise not to take another blogging break for some time to come, deal?

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  1. What were you allergic too? Bummer!
    Fun peeks into your Christmas. So sweet that your babe kissed each gift : )


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