Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winner and Wordless Wednesday

Happy Wednesday.
The hubs and I are headed out of town for some last minute Christmas shopping and amazing Chinese food....and maybe some Starbucks and Target if I'm lucky.
But, before I go, we have a winner for the 5280 Bliss giveaway.
Congrats to comment # 30, STEPH. E-mail me your mailing info. so I can get that to the store owner, mkay.

And now, some wordless Wednesday action is headed your way:

This wordless Wednesday was brought to you by a baby who now has FOUR teeth, took three steps last night, and will be one in less than a month.
That means that amidst all the Christmas-ing, the mom is also hard at work planning the first birthday party to top all first birthday parties.
That's one busy mom. Just sayin'.

And don't forget, the Addigail Designs giveaway ends tonight.

There's lots of Christmas goody-ing and whatnot going on this weekend, which means lots of cute Christmas posts are headed your way.
Here's hoping your Wednesday is some kinda fabulous.

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