Friday, December 17, 2010

Winner, Christmas Crafts, and Family Functions

First, real quick let me congratulate comment #22, HALLIE, on winning the Addigail Designs giveaway! Hallie-- send me your e-mail so I can tell you how to claim your prize. :)

Libby had her kindergarten Christmas party yesterday. She asked me to wake up early so I could curl her hair. I have a very long road ahead of me, don't I?

However, I will admit, I thought it was worth it-- she looked so darn cute.

Oh, and see her shirt? I made it. It's super easy.
Just get a shirt, wash it, cut some fabric (and I used felt for the nose and eyes, so that the brown wouldn't show through), and attach it to your shirt using heat bond. Normally when I make these I stitch around the edges after they've been bonded, but since this is a holiday shirt and she'll only wear it a few times, I didn't bother. In fact, the only stitching I did was to sew on the button eyes. And then the bow on Rudolph's antler is pinned so that I can remove it when it's time to wash.

Pretty cute, right?
And super easy and super affordable.
 I also made one for Hollyn, which you'll be seeing soon.

Oh, and before she could walk out the door yesterday morning,
the Libster lost her second tooth.

Keep in mind that the top two are loose as well, so pretty soon she's gonna be one silly lookin' kiddo.
Moving on....

Two years ago, we started what has become one of my favorite traditions.
Every year now the week before Christmas, Lee and I take both of our families out to eat at the same time. In other words, Libby gets to have both of our families together at the same time...and she LOVES it. It's a great way for us to kick out the festivities, so to speak.

And this year, we had a very special first-timer:

She pretty much stole the show and proved that it IS possible for a baby to stay up late, sit quietly, and smile non-stop while Mom and Dad do this crazy thing commonly referred to as 'enjoy themselves'. Who knew such a thing existed.

Oh, and while I tried not to be that annoying lady who took lots of pictures at the nice restaurant, I couldn't help by capture this.
My grandmother (aka favorite person ever) said her hearing aid has been bothering her, so she's trying something new instead.

Basically, that means that she looked like she was blue-toothin' it all night, and every time I looked at her I couldn't help but giggle a little; she's just so darn cute.

You can clearly see where my mom gets it, right?

And maybe this one too....

Happy Friday to you and yours. Enjoy it, get all your last minutes done, and then come back here tomorrow for the last giveaway of 2010. See you then, mkay?


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