Friday, March 4, 2011

Stuck in my head

Just a few things that have been on my mind this week:

*This movie. It looks amazing, and I can't stop thinking about it.

*This song has been stuck in my head lately...any thoughts on how to make it go away? I love it, but enough is enough.

*I am so proud of this kiddo/former student/girl I truly admire who was recently accepted in nursing school.
It's so amazing to sit back and watch my kiddos grow up.

*Libby's skin. While the new treatment plan has helped some, it's not doing nearly enough. And her bloodwork results didn't bring tears to my eyes, but they didn't bring joy to my heart either. She has a long way to go. Prayers are greatly appreciated.

* This week I've been entertaining the idea of getting a new camera. Any suggestions?

* Africa shirts. While I'm so glad that I sold 70/139, packaging all of them will be no easy task.

*This post. It moved me to tears. I could not agree more.

* I miss Hollyn. Her having to go to daycare while I stay home and mend my oober needy back is no fun at all for me...or her, for that matter.

*Africa. I am literally aching to do more to help. Selling t-shirts simply isn't enough. I'm currently searching for my next way to serve. Ideas?

*Mocha Club. I'm joining, and I truly hope you will too.

*My bestie, the infamous Kara Leigh. It's almost her birthday, and I would give my pinky toe if we could spend it together.

* Now that I've finished The Help, nothing else seems worthy. Am I the only one who does this? I'm in desperate need of something new to read that can even hold a candle to this book.

* I'm thinking Libby will need this for first grade. Agreed?

*My idea of the perfect summer vacation.

*I really hope my Molly has a better week next week. Love you, precious girl.

* How much I love this site and what it represents.

* I really need some time with my Casey.

You think she's cute, don't you?
Well you're not the only one.

* I'm not sure my back can tolerate my spring break plans. To canoe or not to canoe, that is the question.

* Oh, and you can add giveaways and linky parties to the list as well.

And now you know I'm gonna ask:
What has been on YOUR mind this week????


  1. What's been on my mind this week... Funny you should ask... YOU!! I have been wondering all week how things were going with the t-shirt sales and Libby and new puppy... I haven't had the time to check your blog or link up again with our coffee chat.
    Glad to see all is well on your side, friend! Much love, and have a great weekend!!

  2. thanks for linking up!
    i want to see that movie sooo bad. i love me some robert pattison & reese witherspoon it looks so good!
    that is such a cute backpack
    hope your back is better fast!!

  3. i love your links!!
    i clicked on one link which lead me to click on another and ive just spent a good hour reading about africa.
    so . thank you so much.
    i hope your back gets better soon.

  4. Hollyn is such a gorgeous name. However did you come up with that?
    Congratulations about nursing school. That is so exciting : )
    I love that you are doing what you can for africa. That is a very beautiful thing.

  5. McCall- Hope your back gets better soon. My cousin had the surgery and came home the same day. She said it was instant relief. She was 29 and just couldn't take the discomfort/pain anymore. Trudy

  6. I'm so glad you linked up today with Cherish so that I could find your blog. You have such a sweet heart for missions and I love that!! I would LOVE to go to Africa! Come on over to meet me! Nice to meet you new bloggy friend!

  7. I read the book and can't wait for the movie to come out. and Robert Pattinson is a plus.

  8. I read the book and loved it. I'm looking forward to the movie too!


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