Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Kid Plays Tricks on Your Mind

OK, so first, raise your hand if you're getting excited about the custom header giveaway I'll be hosting that starts in T-minus two days.

Second, my precious grandmother is in the hospital with pneumonia. As you can imagine, this is not fun for anyone involved, and your prayers would be treasured.

Next on the list: proof. I did in fact give blood yesterday. I have the bruises to prove it.

And yes, as a matter of fact, I AM rockin' a Star Wars t-shirt today.
Empire Strikes Back, if you want to be specific.

And this brings us to Libby.
Here she is at age three.
Cute, yes?

Well, earlier this week she formally announced that she no longer wants to be a meteorologist when she grows up. Instead, she'd like to be an optical illusionist.
Oh, you read correctly.
My kid wants to be the next Chris Angel, apparently.
Can I just tell you how proud this would make me as her mother?
Forget college. Instead, let's invest in a white dove and a nice cape.
We'll start saving now.
And I think I'll need a t-shirt that says, "My kid can play tricks on your mind. What can your kid do?"

Speaking of what my kid can do, please take a look at what Hollyn did yesterday.

Nevermind the fact that she's fourteen months old and still taking a bottle. That's not the point. Focus readers, focus. Seeing this nipple makes me wonder if I'm raising a little girl or a baby billy goat.

And speaking of goats....

OK, well this actually has NOTHING to do with goats.....

so, speaking of BEST FRIENDS, today is my bestie's birthday.

Happy birthday, Kara Leigh!
Here's to many more years of Y*O*U.
And just so you know, I'm counting the days 'til we hit the road with our walkie talkies.

Here's hoping you have had a fabulous day today.
Come back soon to hear about my new sponsor.
And don't forget to send your favorite movie scene my way and to enter this week's neighbor link party.
I could really use a good neighbor right now.


  1. So, Mary Louise and David still take bottles - and have started biting the nipples...(but I have to tell you that they just bite holes in them - not eat the entire tip off! ha! go Hollyn!)

    Many prayers and healing thoughts for you dear sweet g-momma!!

    Much love,h

  2. Many prayers for your Grandmother McCall.

  3. One: Prayers for your grandmother
    Two: I love your train of thought, and I'm glad you pointed out the Star Wars t-shirt, or I would have
    Three: Holy cow, Hollyn!


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