Monday, March 7, 2011

If We Were Neighbors Number 3: A Linky Party

Howdy, neighbors.
First, let me just say thanks for filling my neighbor need. I so desperately wish I neighbors such as you in real life. I'm currently working on that, so for now, our time together here will just have to do.
So, pour yourself a cup of your beverage of choice, and let's start our day off right, shall we?

Here's what I'll be drinking this morning while this plays in the backgroud:

Let's just say I'm living on the wildside today.
Feel free to join.

I'll also be sporting some of this this morning:

And in between crunching and munching, I'll tell you how I feel like this picture is so my life lately:

I feel like my precious little family is under an attack of sorts, what with the back drama, skin hoorah, and Hollyn's non-stop runny nose. Poor Lee; it's a wonder he doesn't just head for the hills some days.

My poor baby. Her skin is pitiful, and it breaks my heart a little more each day.

And I'm amazed at how, despite the fact that she literally itches 22/24 hours a day, she still had time to learn to do this. That kid of mine is amazing, I tell ya.

You'd smile sweetly and simply remind of one simple thing:

We're in a non-stop battle with her skin, and I'm one determined momma.

We'd change the subject before I get all weepy and whatnot, and you'd ask about my weekend.
I'd tell you I went home.
By home, you'd know I mean to the alma mater.

There were some fun things happening there, and the trip provided for a little break from reality for the Libster and me.

We got to see some friends:

And I got to catch up on some much needed girl time.

Sometimes there's literally nothing more comforting to me than some quality time with the girls.

You'd agree whole-heartedly, and we'd agree that it's something we could definetly use more of on a regular basis.

We'd chat a moment more, and I'd remind you that my giveaway for some fabulous goodies ends tonight.
I'd also ask if you have any ideas for my next way to help Africa. I've got to come up with something soon, otherwise the 'You're do nothing to help Africa right now' voice in my head just might get the best of me.

I'd tell you how excited I am that I won a new header from one of the coolest bloggers out there and how it should be making its debut later today. Also, I'd say to get excited becuase I'm going to be offering a giveaway from her very soon.

And then, we'd both take a sip and enjoy a moment of silence in honor of the fact that next week is spring break.  {This is when the clouds would part and we'd hear the chorus of angels.}

We'd giggle a little, and you'd head home. But we'd promise to continue our chat tomorrow.

And now, I'm itching to know:


Write your post, link it up, and provide a link back here somewhere so others can enjoy too. Here's a button if you like or you can just link:

Can't wait to hear what you have to say!

Here's wishing you and yours a wonderful week.


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