Friday, March 18, 2011

Everyone Loves a Cup O' Joe, No?

First, please forgive me...I was supposed to announce the winner for Kenzie's giveaway two days ago....and then life happened. More on that in the next post. However, it doesn't make the win any less exciting. With that being said, congrats to comment #20, The Pacelli Family on winning the new custom header from Kenzie! Contact me with your e-mail info. so I can get it to Kenzie, please.

Moving on....

Today I'm talking about my addiction.
Here's hoping you love it too.
And here's a little somethin' somethin' to help me feed my addiction:

1.  How stinkin' cute is this 'Fill to Here Please' Magnet? Love it.
2. I heart this coffee cozy.
3. Coffee and donuts go together like PB&J. Agreed?
6. Peeta- I second this. As long as Gale can come too.
7. Seriously? I think this has my name on it.

How are YOU feeding YOUR addiction this weekend?

And, if you'd like to see what others are lovin' these days, take a little trip to here and check them out, k?

1 comment:

  1. love all of those coffee mugs. especially the mustache one. i have a serious thing for mustaches (only in drawings, not people though) haha
    so glad you linked up! :)
    have a great weekend!


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