Monday, March 21, 2011

If We Were Neighbors #5, a Linky Par-tay

Hello friends.
Welcome to another edition of If We Were Neighbors, where you can sit back and pretend as though your favorite bloggers live next door. Seriously, wouldn't that be fabulous??? I'd station myself smack dab in the middle of Emily Anderson and Lo, thanks.
 And speaking of Emily Anderson, she's got some big news to share, so you might want to play catch up her blog if you're out of the loop.

So, this morning we would have had coffee at your house......

...because I've had about all I can take of mine.
Seriously, I kinda feel like I'm on house arrest these days.
And even though I'm home all. the. time. hanging out, icing my back, and day-dreaming about things I wish my back would permit me to do, I still have loads and loads of things that need to be done.
The work that comes from being a mom is never-ending, whether you stay home or work three jobs.

Seriously, the things no one tells you before you enter in motherhood.
If I'd only known then what I know now.

The fact is, this mom may NOT know how to do it.
Even after six years I've still got plenty to learn, and the Libster seems to know exactly what it is that I don't know. Here's the time when some good neighbors would come in oh-so-very-handy. She's quite the little parenting challenge, that kid o' mine.

After our coffee, I'd tell you how we went back to the doctor on Thursday. We're now trying attempts number 36-39 at making Lib's skin better. I promise to keep you posted if there's any change with that, which I'm steadily praying there will be.

I'd tell you how happy I was that she played outside so much during spring break, as her skin usually prevents much time outdoors. You'd say you know; you've heard the dribbling. I'd apologize again and remind you to be thankful we have limits because she'd probably dribble  her b'ball all day and all night long if we'd let her.

We'd talk a minute more about the beautiful weather and the Japan devastation. We'd count our blessings and say we're oh-so-thankful for all that we've been given.

You'd mention that you saw Kristen's car at my house last night and ask how she's doing.

I'd say great, as usual, and tell you again how very proud I am of her for taking a step out of her comfort zone to make a difference. As much as I so desperately wish I would be joining her this summer in Africa, I honestly don't think I could be more excited for her if I WERE going. However, before she can go she still needs to raise some more dinero. Something to the tune of 500 big ones should suffice. However, I prefer to think of it as 100 bracelets. Just sayin'.

I'd also throw in:

*My g-momma is hoping to go from the hospital this week.
*Hollyn is feeling much better and now trying to say 'belly'.
*And I have a consult with my back doctor on Thursday regarding our next course of action.

But until then, I'll be attempting to tackle my ever-growing TO DO list because, if nothing else,

You'd say 'Amen' to that. And we'd agree to meet again tomorrow.
My house this time.

And now, friends, it's your turn. So get those weekly neighbor posts written and link on up. Can't wait to read what you've got to say. In fact, it's on the list.

Don't forget to somehow link back to my blog so others can join in on the fun, mkay?

Happy Monday to you and you and you.

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  1. No pressure, because I know you have a million other things on your plate--but (sniff, sniff) I really miss your "If We Were Neighbors" posts. I just decided to link up and then realized you may have canned the thing. ;)


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