Saturday, March 19, 2011

SB '11: Libster Style

Here's the low down on the Libster's first official spring break:

*There was basketball. Lots and lots of basketball. In fact, I dare say I've played more b-ball this week than in my whole life....combined.

* There was time spent with the pooch.
I don't know what this kid did before we had a dog.

* There was a reading milestone: this week, on her own accord and without even telling us until she was over forty pages in, Libby read her first chapter book. If there was ever any denying that she was my child, this pretty much confirmed it.

*There was a trip to her skin doctor. And a $50 tube of ointment, marking the thirty-sixth thing we've tried for her skin. See ya later, college fund.

*There was a new goal set by the wee one. Now that the presidents are old hat, Lib is currently working on learning to say the states in alphabetical order.

*And there was some sweet talking by the six-year-old.
She specifically wants to know if you've ordered your Africa bracelet yet. She says you can see my sidebar for more info. on this. She also says you're not cool unless you help Kristen get to Africa, but I told her that was rude.

What did spring break look like at YOUR house??????

Oh, and keep those pics. of you in your Africa shirts comin' my way. I'm hoping to post about them later this week. And they pretty much make my day. So thanks for that; you're the coolest.

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  1. We didn't have spring break (and I'm even a teacher!!!) but the weather this week has been beautiful!


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