Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cake Batter Dip: New and Improved

So, almost a year ago I wrote this post  where I gave my cake batter dip recipe. Since then, that post has had...are you ready for this? 352, 918 views. Yes, I'm serious. Apparently people go coo-coo for cake batter dip. 
I literally make this all the time, partly because it's always a big hit and partly because it's the stinkin' easiest dessert ever in the history of ever. I actually made it for a church get-together last night, and people very scraping the bowl...literally. 
And in the past year I've learned a thing a two. So, in my infinite cake batter dip making wisdom (*cough cough*), I wanted to give you an updated version. 

You will still only need three ingredients: 
-Funfetti cake mix
-cool whip
-vanilla yogurt *much better than the original recipe, which called for plain yogurt, and I'm sorry but no matter how you spin it, plain yogurt is three shades of disgusting. This is much, much better. *

From there, the directions haven't changed much, but here they are again in case you're one of the people who hasn't seen this yet: 

Dump the whole box of mix into a bowl. Mix with one small carton of cool whip. Add vanilla yogurt to taste. I don't measure, but I'm guessing I use about 1.5-2 cups of vanilla yogurt. But to be honest, I've made this about five times, and every time I've added a little more or used a little less. And you know what? Every time people have asked me for the recipe and wiped the drool from their mouths over this one. Basically, I'm saying you can't mess it up. You got this. Be bold. I believe in you. 

We usually eat it with animal crackers, but I honestly believe you could eat it on cardboard, and it would still be delicious. Seriously though, fruit, teddy grams, you name it, it's great. I may have even eaten it like ice cream a few times. And this may have led to a conversation that sounded something like this: 

Lee: Ummmm....McCall? You do know that's supposed to be dip, right? 
Me (in a very non-sarcastic tone): Duhhhhh. That's why I'm DIPPING my spoon in it before I eat it. 

So, run and go make some. 
Enjoy it. 
Lick the bowl. 
Thank me later.

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