Monday, August 6, 2012

Living in Limbo

Living in limbo; that's what I feel like I'm doing these days. 
I'm waiting for the phone to ring or for an e-mail to come through. 
Heck, I'd even be happy with a carrier pigeon. 
But good things take least that's what I keep telling myself. 

I can honestly say that I was worried the first day of school might make me question my decision not to go back to the classroom. But I made it through Friday without so much as a blink. I honestly don't miss teaching.While I do love my kiddos, I am confident that I have made the right decision. I believe I would be being disobedient if I had committed to teach this year. But waiting to see exactly what He has in store for me is not easy. There are many things I'm okay at; unfortunately, being patient is nowhere near the top of the list. 

And today while Libby was at school, Hollyn and I had quite the day.
 Before noon, I had cleaned up broken glass, scooped poop out of the bathtub (Thanks again for that, Hollyn.), and scrubbed the masterpiece Hollyn had drawn for me in pencil off of her bedroom wall. And yet, not one time did I wish I was teaching.

 I am, however, longing for this like a crazy person: 

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