Wednesday, August 1, 2012

These Two

These two have been best friends since before they could walk. 

They have laughed together. 

And shared every major milestone. 

They've stayed up late giggling....

...and fought over who gets the red popsicle. 

They've given two tons of hugs.....

....and have missed each other terribly. 

And today, they're going to be reunited. 

Lily is on her way. 
Libby is pretty darn excited. 

And her mom, who happens to be my other half, is coming along for the ride. 

And I can't freaking wait to see this face:

There is guaranteed to be lots of laughing until I almost pee my pants, lots of late night chit chats, and lots of catching up of the very best kind. 

Don't call. 
Don't write. 
Don't send a carrier pigeon. 

I'll be busy until Monday. 
The real world will just have to wait until then. 

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