Sunday, August 12, 2012

This Week, In a Nutshell

This was Libby's first real week of second grade. 
One would think that this would lead to lots of only child fun at our house, consisting of hours spent sitting on the  floor playing with Hollyn, reading her book after book, finger painting the hours away until Libby comes home. 


Instead, it looked something like this: 

Breathing treatments all the live long day. Sure looks fun, right? 
Well, add to that a terrible virus that seems to have come at me with a vengeance, and you pretty much have my week. 

Instead of finger painting book reading, there was lots of couch time and Tylenol. 
Try not to be jealous. 

On a positive note, it does appear that Hollyn is finally really understanding the purpose of the potty; 

that's right, folks. The potty is the perfect place to leave your baby. 

Here's hoping your week was more fun than mine and that this coming week will show last week who's boss in no time flat. 

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