Friday, August 17, 2012

Our $4 Afternoon

See this face? 
It belongs to a girl who used the potty not once but twice today. 
See that thing she's holding?
It's a celebratory snow cone. 

We spent $4 on snow cones for the whole family and road the back roads listening to John Mayer's new album, which happens to be my new favorite thing. 
It was pure bliss I tell ya.

Even Lee, who isn't exactly a JM fan, loves this song
in spite of what I consider to be an unnecessary thirty second intro.

We laughed, we danced in the car, and we celebrated what is a pretty big deal for our wee little family member. 

What was the most fun thing YOU did today with your family? 
Do tell; I'd love to hear and get some ideas. 

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  1. Too cute. She is a fan of the sno-cone, I see. Congrats to everyone!


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