Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kinda In Love

Today I have a million thoughts swimming around in this little head of mine. 

Here are a few I'd like to share: 

* I am madly in love with this picture that my friend Erin from Erin Norman Photography took recently. Like I dream about it. And want it to be the background on my phone. It's love, I tell you. 

* I have officially started planning for Libby's upcoming eighth birthday party. That's right, I said EIGHTH. And although we have plans all our own, I do so love this party.

*Speaking of parties, I think all of the back to school parties I've seen floating around the Internet lately are just too cute. Too bad Lib's birthday is so darn close to the start of school. But maybe one day.....

* Know what else I'm loving? This girl and her hair. However, I'm pretty sure it's illegal to have such cute hair all the time. Good thing I am strict rule follower in this category; no cute hair too often around these here parts.

* I am also loving this site I recently found. I often feel totally inept in the whole 'make yourself look cute' department....perhaps this will help a little.

* Oh, and did you know I have a facebook page for this here blog? Sure do. And I often post good sites and blogs and whatnot there. Check it out if you like. I'd love to have you.

*At some point in time, I'd really love to make some of these for my blog. Agreed? I'll see if I can get on that soon.

*This looks melt in my mouth delicious. I see a first attempt in my near future.

* I think this looks like a great idea. I wonder if Jessie from Toy Story counts as a Disney character? She's Hollyn's favorite.....

* Love this blog. Love this lady. She is simply amazing. And this summer she hosted an orphan from Russia in her home. And their story is knocking my socks off. Seriously, grab some tissues and read about all that God is doing in their lives.

* I continue to be amazed at how much toilet paper my little family of four goes through each week. Am I the only one whose tp seems to run away while we're sleeping?

*Tomorrow I have a job interview. I'm pretty darn excited about it, as it seems to have great potential to be exactly what I've been looking for...Please pray that I don't trip over my own words and that if it's not a perfect fit, I will have the nerve to say thanks but no thanks. I want me to fit them and them to fit me equally.

Here's hoping your Tuesday is top notch, and if it's raining where you are, then I hope you have a snuggle buddy with skills as good as Hollyn's. 


  1. Loved this post!!! I love that girl's hair blog!! I've seen a bunch of her pics on pinterest and now that my hair is long enough to do some of that stuff, I'm totally stealing it! Have you decided which c4c you are attending?? and good luck on your interview!!

  2. What a beautiful picture of your girls!!!


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