Friday, August 31, 2012

A Southern Girl's Dream Come True

 Hello, lovelies. 
Just wanted to pop in and share a little something with you today. 
Earlier this week, I stumbled across this really neat website that often allows you to create your own designs based on templates they provide. 
And, that being said, lookie what I made: 

Southern girls love monograms like teachers love apples. 
It's a proven fact. 

It took me about two minutes and may possibly be my new favorite thing. 

However, here are few other things I'm loving this week: 

- This blog post and her take on followers. 
-This adorable birthday party. 
-This post about having better mornings at home.....ummmm, seriously need this one some days. 
-This book that I'm reading which applies to how I've been feeling lately. 
-This post on making a custom facebook timeline cover photo. I'm still grumpy about facebook forcing me to transition to timeline, but maybe this will help with that.....

What are you loving this week? 

Today I'm linking up here, here, here, here, and here. Join me? 


  1. Interrupted was so good, I want to read her book Seven as well... do you follow her blog?

    Have you read The Irresistable Revolution yet?

  2. ohhh, going to that design site asap.

  3. Did I miss the name of the website?

  4. @Anon, She linked it above on the word "website" ( ....really neat website that often allows you to create... ). It's HTH!

  5. Love your binder! Thanks for posting about us!!


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