Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Miss, Miss, Missing

Here's the deal. A few weeks ago I visited my best friend, the infamous Kara Leigh. While that was great and wonderful and spontaneous, we'd originally planned on me visiting her this week. Therefore, this week I've been consumed from head to toe with how much I miss her smiling face. It's like my body is on autopilot to her house, and I'm trying hard to override it. But, have you ever been successful at overriding autopilot? Yeah, me neither.

So, instead of attempting to distract myself I'm taking a few minutes of my day to wallow in the self-pity that is I MISS MY BEST FRIEND.

Things I'm missing most of all today:

-Laughing until I almost wet my britches over any and everything. (It's a proven fact that everything is exponentially funnier when you are with your best friend.)
-Sitting in her car til the wee hours of the morn (baby monitor included, of course), listening to my i-pod, and calling it a night out.
-Borrowing each other's clothes like we're in college all over again.
-Happily allowing her to match my clothes for me; girl has a gift.
-Squeezing on her babies.
-Telling jokes only the two of us understand.
-Being with someone who remembers what I was like before my days consisted of "No" and "Stop That".
-Window shopping for ourselves because we spend all of our dinero on our kiddos.
-Staying up late, getting up early, and not caring one little bit.
-Her making this face:

Am the only one missing my best friend today?
Surely not.
Do tell, readers of mine, do tell.

Happy Wednesday to you and you and you.

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  1. This totally made me miss my best friend like crazy!!


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