Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Art of Being Patient

If I were a tattoo kind of girl, which I'm not (no worries, Mom),
the tattoo I'd get would say something like this:

(Picture from here.)

(Picture from here.)

(Picture from here.)

Because, you see this face?

It belongs to a girl who has absolutely no patience whatsoever.

Seriously, I am lacking to the fullest extent in the patience department in virtually every aspect of my life.
This is bad for several reasons.

First, it causes me to miss out on fun moments because I get so caught up in waiting for what's next to come; it makes me miss out on the NOW.

Second, it makes me grumpy. Having no patience is no fun at all.

Third, and most importantly, it makes me seem unappreciative of God. I am a firm-believer in the idea that God's timing is WAY better than anything I can ever come up with, and while I'm sure He has something great in store for me, when I'm impatient about His timing, I'm also ungrateful of His plans.

And while I'm working really, really hard to try and be better at the waiting game, I'm currently failing miserably. Anyone else out there struggle with this? I'd love to hear how you work at being patient during time when it's really, really tough to wait.

Here's hoping your Tuesday is full of great things.
If you need me, I'll be blowing up Twitter and working to find every possible distraction while I work on  waiting patiently.


  1. Uh...YEA! I have zero, and sometimes, negative zero!!

  2. LOVE this! Patience and me are not friends, but it is something I work daily on getting more of it.

    Loved those quotes esp #2. I need to put that on my fridge. :)


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