Monday, March 26, 2012

I Just Need a Minute

Hello, lovelies.
So, I'm home.
And it was wonderful.
While I'm busy holding my eyelids open with toothpicks, I wanted to just tell you a few snippets before I take time (hopefully tomorrow) to post about all that happened this weekend. Why am I not posting this today, you ask? Well, I just need a minute...a minute to process, absorb, decipher, and take it all in.

So for today, a few snippets will have to suffice.

First, the praying for Africa in our house is about to reach a whole new level. And can I just add that I was truly blessed when I was reading to Hollyn tonight (while wearing an Africa shirt, by the way), and she pointed to the Africa on my chest and said in her precious baby voice, "Attrita, Mommy!" That's right, baby girl. It's 'Attrita'.

Second, when you live in a small town and don't get out much (guilty), you sometimes forget just how many amazing women are out there working to make a difference. So many inspiring stories and potential friends. I love meeting new people, and this weekend did NOT disappoint in that department (or any other, for that matter).

Third, did you know that coffee, when consumed in large amounts, can keep you going when you literally feel like you could sleep until next Tuesday? Today is living proof.

It's 8:30, and this girl is wo'out. Tomorrow. Wait for it. See you there. Sleep tight.

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