Thursday, March 8, 2012

Holly Durst, My New BFF

Raise your hand if you watch The Bachelor.
It's okay to admit it, I promise.
It's my guilty pleasure.
And although I haven't watched much this season (don't shoot me, but Ben just isn't my favorite), there have been a few participants I have just LOVED over the past few years.
Like, I honestly think we'd be best friends in real life.

Holly is one of those people.

Bloggers, in case you haven't already met her, this is my soon-to-be new bff, Holly Durst.

No, I'm not some totally crazy stalker.
I AM however, going to be doing a review of her newly released children's book, Chocolate Socks, next week. They've sent it my way for review, and it should be on my doorstep any day now.

It gets better though....

I also get to INTERVIEW Holly!

Like, we get to talk on the phone....for fifteen minutes as designated by her agent or publisher or publishing company or whomever it is that sets up her interviews about her new book.

The hard part:

When I submitted my request to interview her,  I never in a million years thought I'd get chosen to actually interview her.....and I now I'm not sure what to say exactly.

I mean, I'm sure once I read her book the ideas will come flowing at full force,
but right now all I can really think to ask her are these three burning questions:

1. Holly, do you regret the way things went down with Michael (aka my FAVORITE guy to ever step foot in the Bachelor house. Love him. Love Holly too though, so this is a tough one for me)? By this I mean, do you regret him finding out you were engaged on national television?

*Can't ask her that.*

2. Holly, how stinkin' excited are you about your wedding to this handsome fella, Blake the adorable dentist, as I like to call him? How many babies do you want to have? What color are your bridesmaids dresses? Where are you going on your honeymoon? Oh,and where do you shop because you are serious all kinds of adorable?

(Yes, I realize that's five questions posing as's how I roll.)

*Again, can't ask her any of this.*

And finally, I'd really like to ask her:

3. So, ummmmm, Holly....can we please be bff? Because I'm pretty sure it's written in the stars.

*This would be the point where she'd hang up on me. I can't let that happen.*

So, you can see, I'm in a bit of pinch, and I'm calling in reinforcements.

If you had fifteen minutes of phone time with Holly about her new book (or her personal life, in case I get brave and try to sneak one of these questions in there somewhere in a way so discreet I'm sure she won't notice), what would YOU ask her?
What do you want me to ask her FOR you????

I need help.
Pleaseandthankyou so very much.

Now to go and pray that I don't:

a.) giggle uncontrollably
b.) freeze in a state of starstruck panic
c.) ask ridiculous questions that are boring, overly asked, or both
d.) all of the above

If you guessed D, run right now and reward yourself with a cookie, because YOU, my friend, are a winner.

Now be sure and leave a comment with your questions for Holly, k?
I need your help.

Here's hoping your Thursday is all kinds of fantastic and that I am able to contain myself next week for at least fifteen minutes.


  1. What a fun opportunity! And I have to admit it, I am a Bachelor watcher too! Have seen every. single. season!

  2. Don't shoot me: I don't watch that show!! (hides)

    For real though, I would definitely ask her about her inspiration for the book, and (unless the book lays it out for the reader) why is it titled chocolate socks?

    What lead her to decide to write this book and does she intend to write more?

    Can I get a synopsis of the book from YOU, McCall? It sounds stinking adorable.

  3. So awesome! I love her too! And I really love Michael! I would totally be starstruck but I know you're going to do awesome! I would ask what made her write a children's book since she doesn't have any kids? Is there a special kid that inspired her to do it? And definitely get some wedding dirt and shopping info! :-)


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