Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Loving Lately

God never ceases to absolutely amaze me. Here lately, I've been in awe of the people He has put into my life. Just over two years ago, Africa wasn't even on my radar. It didn't consume my thoughts. I knew very, very little about the people, their culture, and their hearts. I didn't know anyone who was especially interested in Africa or had ever been to Africa to serve and help. And I certainly had no desire to quit my job in an attempt to work full-time to better the lives and situations of those living there. 
And then God opened my eyes. 
And not only did He open my eyes, but He has brought several people into my life in the past two years whose hearts are also full with love for this land far, far away. He has gifted me with friends who share my passion. 
And one of them is this girl.
Laura Beth is truly one of the most AMAZING, INSPIRING people I have ever met. Why she wants to spend time with me blows my mind. She recently returned from spending two months in Uganda and Kenya, and there is so much I can learn from her about giving and serving. We had dinner last night, and in the midst of the week I've had with my grandmother (who is really, really not doing well), time with her was a breath of  fresh air. To me, Laura Beth is a big flashing sign that says, "McCall, God loves you." 
I am so overwhelming grateful for people like her who have come into my life. 

And in addition to loving laughing until I almost cry and catching up on all the amazing things God is doing in her life and what her next steps to serve will be, I am also loving these things this week:

-This post by my favorite blogging where she openly shares how being a mom may not always be the most fun thing, but it is oh so worth it.

-The talented lady who designed this here blog has had some big news as of late. So excited for all God is doing in her family.

-I have been praying hard for little Amon. Join me?

- I have started doing this Bible study with a group of ladies at my church. So excited to see how God will use it to teach and grow my heart.

- Did you get the chance to watch the Half the Sky mini-series this week on PBS? If you missed it, you can watch in online until October 9th. I'm reading the book behind the show now, and it's blowing my mind. Women can give so much to our world, and yet, so many cultures continue to view them as 'lesser' for whatever reason. I honestly believe that all women everywhere should take note and take action.

Here's hoping your agenda this week is filled with pumpkin patch visits, coffee dates with dear friends, and some time to cuddle up with a good book. 
Speaking of good book, I leave for Malawi two weeks from today, and I am STILL on the hunt for something good to read on my very long plane rides. Thoughts? 

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