Friday, October 5, 2012

Out of the Box

I love that my girl tends to be a little out of the box sometimes. 
She's not afraid to try something new and has such a wonderful variety of interests. 
Her newest venture? The piano. 
She is all about writing songs these days. 
Am I raising the next Taylor Swift? Perhaps. 
Only time will tell, I suppose. 

Here's hoping your weekend is full of girl movies and hot tea. 
I'll be working on some Noonday goodness and helping Libby start on her reading fair project since it's due just days after I return from Malawi. 

Speaking of Noonday, did you know October is Fair Trade month?
 I'll be going all over spreading the Noonday love in November, but I still have some spots available on my calendar and would love to come to your home if you're interested. If you live in the Mississippi area and would like to know more about how YOU can help artists around the world provide schooling, health care, and basic needs for their families, email me at and check out the Noonday link on my sidebar. Here's hoping to hearing from you soon. 

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  1. hey Maccall.Can i download the pix of your beautiful girl..she is cute.its Mwiza...Malawi remember?Eddie says hie


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