Friday, October 12, 2012

Playing Favorites and a Giveaway

I have spent a LOT of time lately thinking about, talking about, and praying about Noonday. 
I am serious when I say I have never had more fun at work than I am having with Noonday. 
I cannot get enough of it and am so thankful that God opened this door for me. 

I fully believe it doesn't get more fun than a Noonday party. Here are some scenes from Tuesday night: 

The conversation was great. The response was great. The hostess was AMAZING. Fun was had by all. 

And today, I thought I'd have a little giveaway and share some of my personal favorite pieces. 
Sound good? 

 I LOVE this bag from Rwanda! Noonday actually sent several girls through sewing school, and there products are simply FABULOUS! My favorite part about this bag? It's reversible! And it's the perfect size for a weekend away or a great 'everything' bag. And if you are a fan of BIG purses, this one's for you. 

The Nomadic Cuff-- love the beading on this piece, and the colors really pop. So fun!

The Bone Carved Leaf Earrings-- love the detail on these. Also love that they match with just about everything. 

The Mediterranean Sea Earrings-- love how unique these are!

The Tagua Seed Bracelet-- LOVE this! The coloring on it is so beautiful, and it is so comfortable!

The My Catch All Bag--- So I'm pretty sure this bag has my name on it. Love the colors, love the stripes, love EVERYTHING about this one. 

The Bobbles and Beads Jewelry Caddy- this piece is so fun to me! Love the colors, and the size is perfect. 

The Inca Steps Necklace- love how light this piece is. The color is beautiful, and I love the statement of this one. 

The Dulce- It doesn't get more unique than this one. Love how it stands out and yet is so dainty. 

The Cuzco Wrap- LOVE this one. So pretty, so versatile, so feminine. And if you've never snuggled up to alpaca, you are truly missing out.

The Circles Forever Bracelet- To me, this is an every day piece. It is so comfortable and the perfect size. It literally compliments everything. 

And now, this weekend I'll be giving away a pair of these to one of you. 

These were made in India, and I think they are so fun. 

You like? 

Well, here's how you can enter to win. You can do only one of these or all of these, your choice. Just PLEASE LEAVE A SEPARATE COMMENT FOR EACH THING THAT YOU DO.  One comment equals one entry. Make sense? 

1. Go to the Noonday site. Browse through all the treasures there, and then come back and leave a comment about one or some of your favorite items. What would YOU like to have (or give) for Christmas?

2. Order something from my site. This will count as two entries. Pick out a present for someone else or yourself, and then come back here and let me know what you ordered. This will count as THREE entries. :)

3. Follow my blog or remind me that you already do. 

4. Like my blog on facebook.  

5. Tell me something funny. I like funny. 

This giveaway will end on TUESDAY, October 16th. 
I think this is good seeing as how I leave the next day for Malawi. :) 

Good luck to all of you. 
Here's wishing you a great, family-filled weekend. 
We have big plans of fall festivals, football games, dinner with friends, and packing for Africa. 


  1. I visited your Noonday site, I LOVE all of their stuff. But I think my favorite is the sandals... So much fun and variety :)

  2. I have been following your blog for awhile now :)

  3. I just found your Facebook page, and "Liked" it :)

  4. Funny.... The other day at the post office, I had dropped of my packages to get mailed. As I turned to walk out of the office they have a small door way. A man was walking in... I was on the right side (Which I feel is correct, hello its how we drive) and he walked right into me... so then I move to the left, and he goes left. Then runs into me again. So one last time I think okay - I will move back to my original right CORRECT side, and HE MOVED AGAIN... running into me 3 times! The 3rd time, I felt somewhat awkward and like an idiot - so I just stared at the floor and stayed where i was so he could go around. He then grabs both shoulders and slightly moves me to where he wanted me to be then walks in.
    I have never experienced a more embarrassing moment in my life with being in someones way!!! SO AWKWARD. Even more awkward was he never said a word. Just laughed and moved me.

  5. I would love to give or receive the winter sunset infinity scarf.

  6. I follow your blog.

  7. I have liked your blog on FB.

  8. The girls and I heard "Bubbly" on the radio yesterday, and I immediately thought of the Libster. :)

  9. So... I stalk your blog, not just follow it :)

  10. Its me again :) I kinda like you on facebook too!

  11. I like you on FB...and in real life.

  12. I'm dying over the Cuzco wrap and the catch all bag... And, well.... About everything else Noonday!

  13. My funny: I was laying in bed this morning and heard- from the other room- what sounded like smith hitting banks then Banks crying. I call smith to my room, seriously reprimanding him from my cozy bed. He looks at me just as seriously and says- momma, you have really stinky breath.

  14. I heart the cuzco wrap and the neon scarf (as well as so many other things on that site!!)

  15. we are all dressing alike for halloween - spoiler alert? yes. funny in an "awe bless her heart" sort of way? surely. pictures to follow? definitely.

  16. Mallory CarrithersOctober 13, 2012 at 8:42 PM

    I LOVE the Cuzco wrap!!!

  17. Mallory CarrithersOctober 13, 2012 at 8:42 PM

    I follow your blog :)

  18. Mallory CarrithersOctober 13, 2012 at 8:43 PM

    I've "liked" your blog on FB! :)

  19. I really really really love The My Catch All Bag. It is perfect!

  20. Of course, I like your blog and follow you like a stalker.
    Funny: Two little boys looking intently into a well trying to determine it's depth. One boy throws in a rock. No sound. Then he throws in a stick. No sound. The other boy sees a big log and throws it into the well. Suddenly a goat comes running and jumps into the well. A few minutes later a man comes by and asks if the boys have seen a missing goat wandering around. One boy says, " A goat just came and jumped into the well." The man said, "Oh, well, that couldn't be my goat. He was tied to a log." :) makes me think of Ghana

  21. I like your blog and follow you like a stalker.
    Funny: Two boys are trying to determine the depth of a well. One boy throws in a rock and listens. No sound. He then throws in a stick. No sound. The other boy sees a big log and throws it in. No sound. They are confused but then a goat comes running up and jumps into the well. Now they are very confused. A man comes by asking if they have seen a goat wandering around. One boy says, "A goat just came by and jumped into this well." The man shook his head and said, "Well, that couldn't have been my goat. He was tied to a log." :0) Makes me miss Ghana

  22. I love the horn earrings and the Rwanda bag!

  23. I follow ya fab blog:)

  24. I like your blog on fb!!

  25. So my funny... I have zero phone luck and ive lost my numbers twice bf my b-day last week so that day tons of ppl text me happy messages and k had to awkwardly say thanks but I dont know you....... o my life!

  26. I love the guapa wrap bracelet and even more so the many ways bag! Its amazing!!!!!!!


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