Sunday, September 30, 2012

I Love That She.....

I love that she: 

-thinks she can do any and everything. If you seem to in any way doubt her abilities, she says, "I can do. I'm older." 

-has learned how to smile for the camera. Albeit the smile might be a little awkward, but after all, she is her mother's child. 

-is madly obsessed with turtles. She's so into turtles that she wants her birthday party to be a turtle party...with puppies. 

-wants full responsibility for dressing herself and loves to wear mom's 'moonday' jewelry. 

-pretends to be a puppy named Keekee for hours each day. Oh, you read that correctly. Always wanted a puppy named Keekee, so it works for us. 

Here's hoping your weekend was full of all things fall and that you enjoyed the rainy weather (assuming it did in fact rain where you are...) as much as we did. I introduced Libby to the movie Tuck Everlasting this weekend. Have you seen it? Bring kleenex. What movie are you looking forward or did you look forward to introducing your wee ones to? I'm always hunting new great one to share with my girls.....

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