Wednesday, October 31, 2012

30 in my 30's: #18 Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

First of all, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! 
It's my favorite holiday (don't judge), and I thought it was the perfect day to talk about how I recently marked another item off of my 30 in my 30's list

This time I tackled a big one: 

#18: Do something that's completely out of my comfort zone (in a good way, of course).

And thanks to my recent trip to Malawi and our hike through Kasungu National Park, #18 is now recent history. 

I knew this would be quite the adventure when our guide showed up sporting an M16. 

And while we saw several not-so-scary creatures along the way......

.... I was holding my breath as these beauties walked by. 

They were easily one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. 
Completely free; completely in their element. 
They were so graceful and stoic. 

This picture makes them look farther away than they really were. 
They were as close as I care to ever be to an elephant without a big, very strong fence between us. 

But the elephants were small potatoes for my fear factor compared to these guys. 
For some people it's spiders. 
Others fear snakes....or dogs...or bears with big teeth. 

For me, it's hippos. 

I am insanely afraid of hippos. 

We're talking shaking in my sneakers kind of afraid. 
And yet, I faced my fear and stood there, snapping their pictures while they stared me down and made frightening noises. 

My #1 driving force? 


She told me to be brave and to bring her back a picture of a hippo. 

And I 'mom-ed up' to the occasion  pretty sure I earned twenty cool points when I showed up not ONLY with a ton of pictures, but with this as well: 

I faced my fear. 
And facing my fear felt surprisingly good. 

Adios, #18; catch ya next time.
Never did I dream that my list would include hippos. 

Do YOU have a list of things you're hoping to accomplish? 
Do tell. 

I'd also love to hear what fear you would dread facing...... 
I bet whatever it is it smells better than the hippos....

For now, there's a little genie and a precious kitty cat sleeping off their sugar comas in the next room.

Here's wishing a very happy Halloween to YOU and YOU and YOU! 


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