Sunday, October 14, 2012

Perfect Timing

I leave for Africa in three days. 

And my girl is sick. 
I haven't finished packing. 
I am missing church today, which totally stinks. 
My house is a wreck.
Libby's reading fair project is still in pieces.
I'm totally sleep deprived. 

Please pray for my kiddo. 
I'm a tough girl, but it will be really hard for me to fly halfway around the world while her cough still makes my stomach turn. 

I know God is good. 
I know His timing is perfect. 
I know He has big things in store. 
But, I'm not made of steel. 

Isn't it funny how things seem to always go South at the most inconvenient times? 

Two quick things before I go snuggle my girl: 

1. Have you entered my Noonday giveaway? It ends Tuesday. 
2. It's not too late to purchase something from my Noonday site and have it help get me to Malawi. Think Christmas shopping, birthday shopping, treating someone special shopping..... 

Here's hoping my bags will pack themselves and the animals from Snow White will come and clean my house.... 

Btw, this awesome picture of my girl was taken by the very talented Erin Norman. Check her out and tell her I said hi.

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