Friday, December 2, 2011

And It Only Cost a Dollar

See this here hat?

I bought it...
for a dolla...
from Target' (said with a fancy French accent, as Target' should always be said).
I kinda feel like I stole it, but it was in fact a dollar.
Please ignore the fact that it was originally made with a boy in mind; I took care of that.

The first thing I did was cut some felt in the shape of a flower... five petals, two leaves, one center. You will also need four more yellow circles, cut the same size as your center circle.

Next I sewed the leaves on the front of the hat on one side.
(Please forgive me for how terribly dark these pictures are; darn you, camera phone.)

Next I stitched the petals and center. Notice, my stitching here is horrible. It could be that I'm just that bad at sewing, or it could be that I was almost out of yellow thread and didn't feel the need to run out and purchase more to complete a part of a project that NO ONE WILL EVER SEE. I'll never tell.

Moving on....

Once this was in place, I took the four yellow circles and sewed them using the same method I used in this post, and voila:

One super adorable winter hat for one super adorable, tonsil-free, little girl.
And it only cost a dollar.

How's that for a good deal?

Tomorrow for our family there will be family pictures (insert dramatic music here) and hopefully a football game. I promise to provide details and some sneak peeks as soon as possible.

Here's hoping your weekend is nothing short of magical.

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  1. Adorable hat!

    I'm a fellow 25 days of Christmas Blog Share blogger and wanted to say Hi, and let you know that I'm following you :-)


  2. What a fantastic hat makeover! So cheap but so cute and fun! Looks like she loves it too. :) Thanks so much for sharing your great idea at Shine On Fridays; hope to see you again this week!


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