Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Boo On That

By noon yesterday, here's what I'd 'accomplished':

-I overslept, giving me twenty minutes to get ready AND get Libby and Hollyn ready.
-I misplaced the shirt I wanted to wear today, and seeing as how nothing else was clean, I had to scramble to find ANYTHING I'd be warm enough in today. Hate it when that happens.
- I lost Hollyn's pants somewhere between her room and my room. Fabulous.
-I had to park in Europe this morning since I was late and all the spots relatively close to work were taken. - I lost one of my all-time favorite pearl earrings.
-I totally forgot that Hollyn needed diapers today and that Libby needed lunch money......
-I forgot to put on makeup before coming to work this morning.
- I thought Hollyn had her doctor's appointment tomorrow, but it's today. This is fine except it puts a major kink in my dinner plans.....
-I yelled at the dog and at Lee this morning before leaving the house, neither of which did anything to deserve being yelled at......
-I changed purses this weekend and left my classroom key in my old purse.
-I spilled all of my very cold water on my shoes trying to quickly walk into work this morning.

HOWEVER, despite all of this, I have graded ALL of the research papers for the whole senior class in a week. And today starts Christmas break. And for those two reasons alone, I am one happy girl today.....despite the fact that I still have a ton of Christmas presents to wrap, goodies to bake for our neighbors, and a house to clean. Where are those darn elves when I need them?

And one more thing before I say goodnight. So you know how in blogger you can see what searches on Google led people to find your blog? My most popular are searches for things like cake batter dip and reading fair projects. Well, this morning someone searched 'naked little girls' and ended up here... on my blog. I think Google recognized this post and pieced the words together to have it end up in a search for something so vile.

I have two thoughts on this:

1. Sorry, dude.
 Never will you ever find nudie pics on this here blog o'mine.
Hate to disappoint.
Wait. No, not sorry....although you should be.
Don't bother coming back around these here parts; you're not welcome here.

2. I am praying for you.

And that's all I have to say about that.

And now let's end the day with a few more photos from our Christmas card shoot, shall we?

Happy Tuesday to you and you and you.
The Christmas countdown is o-fficially on, and I have to ask:
what are YOU most looking forward to this holiday season?


  1. good lawd that's a rough morning!!! How do you find what people search for to find your blog (ok - so it never occurred to me to even try)? and I LOVE the last pic with flashes of red on everyone!!! love you and hope you're enjoying at least part of your vaca - you know, in between frantic baking and wild wrapping! xx

  2. What a day! I was going to say I've had those...but yours sounds extreme, yet so real. Amazing that you can have such a positive attitude. You are an inspiration.
    Love the pics form the holiday card shoot - adorable, love the coordination of colors.

  3. I have the XXX Church accountability program on my computer that emails us if any inappropriate sites have been viewed. Every time I read your blog it shows up on the report. I've always found that funny.


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