Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Heart Hydrangeas

I do heart hydrangeas, I really do.

So, when the I signed us up for family pictures on Saturday and knew I would need a grey bow for Hollyn, I also knew I was in a pinch. Where in the heck was I gonna find a grey bow in my little town? There's not even grey ribbon (or any ribbon, for that matter) at our Wal-Mart, so the possibility of making one wasn't even an option. However, while I didn't have grey ribbon, I did have grey felt. I also had the picture of a hydrangea stuck in my head.

Here's what I came up with:

I cut some grey felt into a flower shape. They didn't have to be perfect, because no one will be able to tell once all is said and done. I also cut out two green leaves (not pictured).

Then I sewed the flowers onto the rectangle, and seeing as how they won't all fit there, they overlapped, creating the hydrangea-like look. I sewed some white seed beads onto the centers as I was sewing them to the rectangle, adding to the flower-like feel. Once the sewing was all done. I hot glued my leaves to a clippie and then hot glued the rectangle on over that. The end.

Seriously, this whole project took me less than fifteen minutes, and that includes digging for white seed beads that would fit over my needle.

Anyway, here's the finished product:

 I love, love, love it.
Two points for me for using something that I had to make something that I needed.

Here's hoping your Thursday was great and that we get our tree up tonight....we shall see.
 Fingers are officially crossed.

Today I'm keeping things simple and only linking here. Sometimes the simple way is the best way.

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