Monday, December 12, 2011

A Big, Hot Mess

The title of this post basically describes my life right now.
I feel like I can't catch up, can't catch a break, and have forgotten what getting ahead even looks like.

This morning my students turned in their research papers, you know, the ones I now have to grade....all eighty of them. And with two rubrics each (one on content and one on mechanics), I'm essentially grading each paper twice. Can someone please remind me why I do these things to myself?

Moving on:

This weekend consisted of:
-seeing good friends
-attending two Christmas shows
-eating out a total of THREE times (adios, skinny jeans. Hopefully we can reconnect this spring...)
-Christmas shopping (online. Word to your mother; it's the greatest thing ever.)
-watching Christmas movies
-cleaning my homestead from top-o to bottom-o
-a Junior Auxillary meeting to work on Angel Tree (LOVE ANGEL TREE)
-and some of this:

Lee and I rarely take the girls shopping. By that I mean, we rarely take Libby shopping. Let's just say sitting quietly while we get things done is not her forte. However, we ventured out Saturday evening in search of a new oven. I wish I could say it went well, but not only did we NOT find an oven, but we were also reminded why we don't take the girls shopping.

Have you finished all of your shopping?
Ordering and addressing?

I, my friends, have done none of the above.
So, to all of you who say things to me like,
"How do you get it all done? You must be superwoman."

Well, this Christmas this super woman has turned super slacker. But, at least I'm not stressed.
It's the little things, right?

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