Sunday, September 4, 2011

Yummy Yogurt Goodness

News flash:

It's been really, really hot lately.
And all Libby wants to do is eat popsicles.

Well, seeing as how popsicles are usually loaded with sugar and artificial sweeteners, and all kinds of other unmentionables, I came up with a nice alternative.

I give you Yummy Yogurt Goodness.

Super dooper easy to make; yummy yummy in your tummy.

Here's all you do:
-fill a muffin tin with cupcake liners
-place one vanilla wafer (or animal cracker) in the bottom of each tin
-mix equal amounts of the yogurt of your choice with cool whip
-scoop some yogurt/cool whip mix into each tin
-top each tin with another cookie of your choice
-eat and enjoy

I like to make several dozen at one time and stock my freezer full of them.
They do melt, but they are usually all gone before the melting process really begins.
And this mom can feel good about this after school snack.

Here's hoping your Labor Day weekend-ing is in full swing.
And in case you missed it, I posted two straight to the heart posts about Kristen's Africa trip this weekend, which you can find here and here.

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