Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Am That Mom: One Year Later {and a last call for guest posters}

If you've been around here a while, then I'm sure you recall this post that I wrote last year. I thought then and still think now that being a mom is one of the greatest blessings and greatest challenges that life has to offer. I think that way too often society tells us we are supposed to spend every minute as a mom consumed in peaceful parenting bliss.
While I don't know what's happening at your house, that is certainly not the norm at mine.
And I think that hands down our greatest resource here is each other.

Well, another year of Mom is now under my belt now, and
with that being said, here's my I AM THAT MOM POST, one year later:

I am that mom who realizes that every mom has her own way of doing things, her own ideas of what's best for her wee one, and her own priorities as a parent. Just because something worked for me and my baby, it may or may not work for you and yours. Point being: I now only offer mom advice when someone ASKS...otherwise, I keep my big mouth shut and realize that sometimes the worst thing I can do to a new mom is overwhelm her with all the things she's not doing in what is my version of "the right way". We each have our own version of  "the right way", and I am a-okay with that.

I am that mom who LOVES birthday parties. I think there's essentially nothing better than a day when you can celebrate YOU.

I am that mom who would rather eat dirt than pack lunches, but I do it because my kids deserve it.

I am that mom who secretly wishes I could let go of the fact that my kids room are not as neat and tidy as I'd like them to be; 'a little mess never hurt anyone' needs to be posted on my wall so that I'll eventually learn to accept it as truth.

I am that mom who now loves other children more and has more patience for them because now I see them as more than just little people; they are somebody's children. I hope whoever comes in contact with my girls feels the same way.

I am that mom who makes a point to read with and to my children whenever possible; I believe that a love for reading starts at home, and seeing as how it brings me such joy, I can't help but want to share it.

I am that mom who prays for the husband each of my girls may someday have. I pray that he will be patient with her, will love her to the fullest, and will accept all of her little oddities that make her her.

I am that mom who worries way too much about what my kids wear. Seriously, in the big scheme of life, what does it matter if Libby's hair is not perfect or Hollyn's shirt is covered in spaghetti? I am, however, making a conscious effort to care less and just let go of this. My kids are not Barbie dolls, and they should not be treated as such.

I am that mom who has a true heart for service and works daily to instill this idea in my children. I want them to experience the joy that comes from selflessly doing for others.

I am that mom who works daily to not compare my children to one another. Hollyn is not Libby, and Libby is not Hollyn. Period.

I am that mom who would pay lots and lots of dinero for a good night's sleep, including a Saturday morning where the wee ones let me sleep past nine. Heck, make that past seven.

I am that mom who sometimes struggles when it comes to balance. I want to be and do it all for myself and for family. And, unfortunately, I am quickly coming to realize that this is simply not possible.

I am that mom who thinks and maybe even worries every day about my daughters and their futures. I worry about them learning valuable life lessons that will help them later in life, about their fragile self esteems, and about their little developing minds. There's never  a worry-free day in the life of a mom, agreed?

I am that mom who will do absolutely anything for my girls, no questions asked.

And I am that mom who never, ever would have believed that I could possible love anything as much as I love these two little people:

What kind of Mom are YOU? What would like other moms to know? What does being a mom mean to you, and how has it changed you? I'd love to know, and I'm sure my readers would too. If you're interested in contributing to my I AM THAT MOM week, please leave a comment with your e-mail address or e-mail me at mccallald@yahoo.com. I still have just a few guest post spots available for the first week of October, so contact me quick if you'd like to share your insights with the blogging world.

Here's hoping your Tuesday is greater than great.


  1. I know I have done it once before but I'm game!!

  2. Jane- That would be AWESOME! That brings my total to seven-- I'm still on the lookout for three more moms, so if you're thinking about it, sign up NOW! :)

  3. I know that Africa is a cause that is close to your heart. Saw this blog post and thought of you: http://thebigmamablog.com/10588/let-it-shine/


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